Sorry, You’re Not Human

Posted on March 6th, 2008

“In Gaza City, residents went out into the streets and fired rifles in celebration in the air after hearing news of the attack on the seminary.”

A few hours ago, terrorists opened fire inside Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav, killing and wounded many students. One fired 600 bullets into a crowd of students. Another entered the Bet Midrash and started killing every kid he could see.* No, not firing randomly. Firing purposely. According to the Associated Press, as I sit here writing this, the party is kicking off in Gaza. Great news fellas. You must be so proud.

Tonight, parents are being informed that their children are dead. Tomorrow will be funerals for young students. Twenty-four hours from now, mothers and fathers will start saying Kaddish. Kaddish for their children.

Others are being operated on as you read this. Their families are waiting by anxiously, wondering what life will be like tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Who will walk again, who will see.

Work of an isolated madman? No such luck. The achievement of a society and culture so saturated in anti-Semitism that Hitler would be proud. The children in Gaza are being woken up right now to hear that “courageous fighters” have just struck a blow for Palestinian Freedom.

I’m not ideological. If the Palestinians behaved like Canadians, I would give them their own state in an instant. I know that’s not really the Zionist idea, but if there were any chance there would be fewer dead children, I would ask “Where do I sign?”

But that is just a philosophical discussion. We are not dealing with Canadians, we are dealing with people who are not even worthy to carry the term “human.” Celebrating massacres of students? Yossi Beilin, M.J. Rosenberg what have you to say? You think you and your kids will really be safe once we give in to the people who relish seeing our kid’s blood?

The United Nation’s Human Rights Commission demanded a moment of silence for those in Gaza who were killed by the IDF a few days ago. You guys going to pay tribute to tonight’s victims? Yeah, right.

WAKE UP WORLD. The people who dance at our kids’ death will one day dance at yours. This conflict has nothing to do with land. It’s about good and evil. If you don’t see it, your eyes are shut. Believe me, there are many times I want to shut my eyes and believe that there can be “peace” with these people.

But there is a reality staring us in the face with cruel, cold eyes. No matter how hard we Jews try to convince the world that we want peace, the Palestinians try to convince the world that they don’t.

Let’s hope for better news next week.

Shabbat Shalom from our blessed nation. Pray for tonight’s victims and those on the operating tables right now. Pray that our soldiers will finally be given permission to do what needs to be done. Once and for all.

Yarden Frankl lives in Neve Daniel. He used to be a liberal.

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