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Posted on March 2nd, 2008

Thousands of Qassam rockets on display in Sderot

Thousands of Qassam rockets on display in Sderot

“I call on Israel to cease such attacks.”

Uh-oh, here we go again.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has decided to weigh in on the “situation” in the south of the country by giving us a little lecture on how much force we should use to stop rocket attacks on our citizens.

Let’s review. For a few years now (ever since the implementation of the brilliant, war-ending, peace-encouraging “disengagement” plan), Sderot and the communities of Southern Israel have been pounded by rockets, mortars, and sniper fire. For three years, Israel has made empty vows that our patience was wearing thin. Even our current government, whose desire to ever challenge anyone who is not an Israeli citizen is infinitesimal, has finally decided to act.

Their reasoning is long overdue, but warped. For the past three years, they decided to abandon Sderot – a city filled with Sephardic Jews, Ethiopians, and other people who don’t look very much like the denizens of the sidewalk cafes of Ramat Aviv. For years, residents of Sderot have had to live underground, occasionally getting praised by the Prime Minister for their bravery at staying in a city they could not afford to leave.

But now things have changed. Now that Ashkelon is under fire, Israel is fighting back and – surprisingly – ignoring international opinion (at least for the time being). Someone in the Prime Minister’s office was actually bright enough to realize that Ashkelon is not all that far from Tel Aviv. Suddenly, the same people who were content to let Sderot wither are afraid that their coffee hafuch lifestyle is about to be interrupted.

So we are now attacking no holds barred. We have killed many Palestinians and it looks like we will continue to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I consider every death of a Palestinian child to be a genuine tragedy. We should not feel anything but horror when a child dies.

But we need to understand that their lives are even bigger tragedies. Instead of going to school and playing ball like kids all over the world, Palestinian kids are programmed from birth to embrace anti-Semitism and admire terrorists. They attend schools named after suicide bombers and walk along streets covered with posters glorifying those who kill Jews. They come home from school and watch children’s TV shows where lovable Barney type characters tell them what they should do to the Jews.

Let’s face the unfortunate truth and realize that peace usually follows war, not concessions to enemies. Peace is a result of a people’s will to fight being completely broken. Peace – which can be a generous peace – comes when one side surrenders unconditionally.

So now it feels like war. The only question is if we will have the moral fortitude to ignore the preaching of those like Moon whose advice would ironically lead to a never ending list of dead Israelis and Palestinians. Or follow the common sense approach that has served every nation throughout history that has found itself under attack. Hit hard until the enemy, the one who started the fight, flies the white flag.

The left wing crowd has never understood that sometimes war actually saves lives. You just can’t declare “Peace Now” while your enemy is shooting you.

Want peace?

Stop talking and defend your citizens, all of them.

Yarden Frankl, Neve Daniel

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