Joy in Lebanon, Pain in Israel

Posted on July 17th, 2008

Want to see evil?

An evil man?

An evil people?

Check out some of the news reports of the celebrations in Lebanon. The great, mighty hero of Lebanon is returning “commando” Samir Kuntar, “the Brave.” Crowds are cheering his name, passing out sweets, dancing in the streets because this celebrity of terror has returned home.

Not to let anyone down, Kuntar the Brave told the adoring masses that he will continue his brave struggle against the Zionists. A huge banner on the stage behind him read “Joy in Lebanon, Pain in Israel.” The banner was written in English just to make sure the world gets the message. Terror has won.

What were the mighty acts of heroism that make Kuntar the Brave a role model for Arab children the world over? Just how did he achieve victory over the Zionists?

On a warm Spring night, Kuntar the Brave and his commando team stormed the beach in Nahariya. They snuck into a nearby Zionist apartment. There they discovered Danny Haran and his six year old daughter Einat.

Kuntar the Brave led the two Zionists back to the beach. When he got there, he shot Danny. Then, to make sure that he had killed him, he held him under water. All this in front of Einat, the six year old Zionist child.

Next, Kuntar the Brave smashed the young Zionist’s head in with his rifle butt. The child Zionist was tough and he had to smash her head repeatedly until she was dead. But Kuntar the Brave was not done yet. He returned to the Haran’s apartment and started searching for the Zionist mother and any other Zionists.

The Zionist mother had been hiding with her two year old Zionist daughter during the attack. They were in a small crawl space by the bedroom. The terrified Zionist child started to cry while Kundar the Brave was searching the apartment. In a nightmare perhaps as great as anything Smadar Haran experienced as a prisoner in Auschwitz, she accidentally smothered her child to keep her quiet.

Soon police arrived and Kuntar the brave was able to kill one more Zionist before being subdued. He was sentenced to four life imprisonment sentences and left to rot in prison, until this week.

So that’s it. The entire life of Kuntar, the Brave. Sneaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night and killing children. Makes you proud. Why not name a school after him?

Israel used to beat terrorism. It’s what we were known for.

When terrorists held our people hostage in Uganda, we flew there, shot them and freed our people. We got them back alive.

When Syria refused to release Israeli prisoners after the Yom Kippur War, our commandos snatched Syrian Generals and then used them to get our people back alive.

When an Iraqi nuclear reactor appeared to hold all of Israel hostage, we shocked the world by flying hundreds of miles to take it out.

Yet where is the Israel of old? What has become of us? Is the best we can do to release child murderers in order to get our people back in wooden boxes?

Are there any commandos left who can rescue Gilad from Gaza? Or will we just release more terrorists so that we can cry at Gilad’s funeral?

People say that rescuing Gilad would be impossible. People also say that stopping the Iranian nuclear program is impossible. But Israel’s entire history is based on a single theme, making the impossible happen. It used to be what we were known for.

Israel’s leadership should put down the envelopes of cash and sit in front of CNN watching the victory celebrations in Lebanon over and over and over again until they finally get it. It’s either us or them.

Yarden Frankl, Zionist
Neve Daniel

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