A “Wise” Investment

Posted on March 4th, 2009

What, no kiss this time?

What, no kiss?

The world’s leaders met recently and decided to give billions of dollars to rebuild IDF targets in the Gaza Strip. Now I don’t want to be unappreciative. Any assistance to our state, especially our military, is very much welcomed. Yet I feel uneasy about this “gift.” Somehow I think when we end up using the gift, we will once again be accused of all sorts of terrible things.

I worry about the sanity of the world’s political leaders. At a time when the global economy has fallen off a cliff, these folks have decided that pouring billions of dollars into Gaza is a “wise” investment. Is there really nothing that these countries (including the United States) have left to spend money on? Are there no more banks, insurance companies, and automobile manufacturers to be bailed out?

Make no mistake about it, the war is far from over. We went to war because of the actions of the Palestinians. (I am tired of referring to our enemy as “Hamas.” The Palestinian people in Gaza could get rid of Hamas if they wanted. Far bloodier dictatorships and ideologies have fallen.)

We went to war because the Palestinians had been shooting rockets at Israeli kindergartens. We went to war because the Palestinians were holding Gilad Shalit hostage. We went to war because the Palestinians had been smuggling all sorts of nasty weapons into Gaza.

Did I miss the news? Last time I checked the kindergartners were still in bomb shelters and Gilad was still in Gaza. Does anyone in the world have any doubt that the new Israeli government will have no choice but to go back in and finish the job that was left undone?

So if everyone knows that we need to flatten Gaza, why the rush to take what little cash is left in the world and throw it away?

Don’t believe all the assurances that “mechanisms” will be in place to make sure that the money doesn’t get to Hamas. Every time we have heard this, in a matter of days Hamas ends up getting the money. Where they don’t get the cash, they certainly get the credit.

Why not? Israel withdrew weeks ago and the Palestinians still terrorize Israel every day. Palestinian homes and offices and mosques will be rebuilt. Soon after they will be restocked with rockets and mortars. Meanwhile Israeli families in Sderot continue to live in fear. Now they are joined by families in Ashkelon and Beer Sheva. If you were a Palestinian, who would you think had won the war?

When Lord Olmert finally leaves office after securing the Guinness Book of World Records for “Lame Duck,” we hopefully will have a government that knows what needs to be done. We hopefully will have leadership that realizes that while anyone is allowed to attack Israeli children with impunity, there can be no thought of peace.

And to all the taxpayers around the world whose political leaders are giving away their money to reconstruct the soon to be demolished Gaza Strip, we’re sorry. Maybe there’s a nice bank you can go bail out instead.

Shabbat Shalom from our blessed nation.


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