Single Tracking with Rookies

Posted on September 4th, 2009

Yarden puts a foot down

Yarden puts a foot down

Today we took some new riders to the club on a single track ride. For those who are not familiar with the term “single track,” it refers to an off-road bike path that is only wide enough for a single bike to go through at any one time. Single tracks are usually filled with twists and turns, jumps and drops, and lots of rocks.

Today’s ride was a fairly tame single near Moshav Agur. Drive down Route 38 from Bet Shemesh past Tsomet Ayala. Make a right turn to Agur and you will find a parking lot off to your right about 2 km up the road.

The single take about 50 minutes if there are no “mishaps.” “Mishaps” is my word for anything from a flat tire to someone breaking a leg. We had one of the former today — none of the latter.

Of course the only picture that L took of me is the one time I put my foot down (thanks L!), but Boomer did great and the ride was good fun.

This kicks off a week which started with the stomach flu that took me out of action Shabbat and Sunday. But then things turned around,  and I managed to get a good run, a long swim, and two rides in. BTW — I started the Neve Daniel Marathon Training club for those who want to run the Tiveria Marathon in January. Next session is tomorrow night, one hour after Shabbat ends.

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