Ready to Roll

Posted on October 31st, 2009


Team Neve Daniel has trained as much as we can and raised the money for our sponsorships for Alyn. For everyone who sponsored us, thank you.

The weather report for the next week is grim. The Golan is expected to be cold, rainy, and muddy. Now anyone who seriously rides a bike has gotten caught in the rain more than once. A cold rain can make a ride quite difficult and uncomfortable. Basically, when it starts to come down and the trails turn to mud, there are only two ways to look at the situation:The first is to curse and shiver. We have all been there when all of a sudden the fun ride becomes like a scene from the Titanic. You feel wet from head to toe. Even if you are lucky enough to be wearing foul weather gear, cold water has a way of getting to your skin and cozying up. First you try and ride around puddles, then at some point they become big enough that you have no choice. You plunge straight through, and your body and bike end up wearing a suit of mud.

The other way to react is to accept the weather and embrace it. Know that there is nothing you can do so you might as well enjoy the fact that you are out riding a bike and see how big a splash you can make. You can’t stop the rain but wearing a smile can be even better than wearing Goretex.

But no matter how you react, the simple fact remains is that unlike your physical shape, weather is the thing you can do nothing about. I am sure there will be times in the next few days that it might seem preferable to be in a warm house with a cup of tea and a good book. But then again, this is the Alyn ride. The Alyn ride is about pushing yourself, not staying home with the cup of tea.

While a week of riding in the rain and mud might be challenging – it is absolutely nothing compared to a little girl learning to walk again. In fact, almost any child at Alyn would give anything to trade places with an Alyn rider for the week. I know that because for four years I have met many of the Alyn children after the ride and their expressions say it all. When you can’t even walk on your own, the prospect of riding a bike – in any weather – is just a dream.

So off we go on the next adventure. If the money that we have raised helps some of the Alyn children get the help they need to stop being medical patients and return to being kids, then there is no amount of rain than can make it a “bad ride.”

I hope you have a great week – rain or shine I know I will.

Let’s roll.


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  1. Josh says:

    Yasher Koach! Have fun and sorry about the water proof over shoes (the lights are broken in my closet and there is no way I could find them in the dark). Enjoy and I look forward to hearing about the adventure!

  2. libby anfinsen says:

    kol hakavod Jordan… know you don’t have to challenge yourself to that
    degree….my contribution to Alyn will remain the same….whether or not you
    ride in the cold wet rain….good luck…libby

  3. yehuda miller says:

    You are a true inspiration to me for pushing past your limitations and shortcomings.

  4. Sue Sussman says:

    Good luck, Jordan. You couldn’t be riding for a better cause.

    Sue Sussman

  5. Bill Landau says:

    Yarden – You are a shining example for us all. Yasher koach. I am proud to be one of your sponsors.

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