Bring Gilad Home Now

Posted on November 26th, 2009

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I am Gilad, son of Aviva and Noam Shalit

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But I know of no parent who walks away from an IDF induction ceremony the way he or she could walk away from a graduation. Every day that an Israeli has a son or daughter in the army is a day with some anxiety lurking deep inside.

All of us want to know that if G-d forbid our child is captured by the enemy, the government will do everything possible (and try to do everything impossible) to get him or her back alive.

Let’s not wait a few years and then have another spectacle where our enemy hands over a coffin to us. We don’t know if any released terrorist will succeed in killing again, but we do know that Gilad is alive. For now.

So last stop this pointless debate and bring Gilad home now.

I want to send my regards to my family and to tell them that I love them and miss them very much, and pray for the day that I will see them again.

Gilad, we are all praying for that day too.


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  1. Chaim Sherman says:

    1. Let’s do what is in the national interest of the country.
    2. Let’s not have the press and the public discuss the issue endlessly for days on end – it helps no one – not Gilad nor the people of Israel. Rather it plays in to the hands of the Hamas strategists
    3. If God forbid i get abducted, trade me for a middle aged accountant, and no more

  2. shauna tepperman says:

    I’m also thinking of the national interest.
    I do not want the market flooded with angry terrorists.
    We appear weak and this just encourages and instigates the Arabs to terrorize us.
    You are too kindhearted. You must consider the mind set of the Arab in order to negotiate effectively. We learned this from Yehuda and how he interacted with Yoseph in last week’s parsha.
    Re think your position on this.

  3. yarden says:

    People quote scripture to prove whatever point they are trying to make, so I disregard that approach. I still maintain that everyone in Gaza is a potential terrorist and whether they have an extra 1,000 will make no difference. But we need to bring Gilad home before he’s sent back in a box.

    BTW — the cake was delish!