Swine Flu

Posted on November 13th, 2009

Take a "shot" at us, please

Take a "shot" at us, please

What do you do when someone who wants you dead gets sick? What would most reasonable people do?

Let me rephrase. Let’s say that the United States faced a serious terrorist threat on its Southern border. Let’s also say that the Mexican government was not taking any action to stop the terrorists from launching missiles at Austin, Texas.

Now, pretend that the President of Mexico dismissed U.S. complaints and basically said that it was Americans own fault that they were being shot. If the U.S. just turned over a major chunk of its territory to Mexico, then the terrorists would be happy and stop shooting people.

Still with me in the dream? O.K., next President Obama declares that he is willing to sit down and negotiate with Mexico anytime and any place. The Mexican President’s answer is that there can be no negotiations until the U.S. in advance stops all construction in every city that Mexico claims for itself.

Now, in a major city in Mexico, amidst streets and schools named after terrorists, a few people get the swine flu. In return for flu vaccinations, does the United States:

  • Demand that Mexico put an end to the rockets being shot at the U.S.?
  • Request that Mexico please sit down and negotiate a peace agreement?
  • Nicely ask Mexico to stop rallying the World against the U.S. on false charges?

I don’t think so.

The only reason I ask is that I see that Israel has just shipped twenty thousand Swine Flue vaccinations to the Palestinians. These are the same vaccinations that I am told are not yet available in Neve Daniel. Yes, if I get Swine Flu, I may be sick as a dog for a few days but at least I will be comforted by the knowledge that 20,000 Palestinians are feeling fine and immune from the bug.

Great. I like to see a well thought out use of my tax dollars.

Please stop shooting while we try and FEED you

Please stop shooting while we try and FEED you

Skeptics might tell me that at the very least Israel will get some good PR out of this whole episode. Like when we sent trucks loaded with food and medicine into Gaza during the war. Right, that story made it onto page one of the Goldstone Report, didn’t it? Anyone remember praise for Israel from the UN Human Rights Council for that humanitarian gesture?

Didn’t think so.

Speaking of Goldstone, if you have not seen the little video we did at HonestReporting and signed the petition, please take 2 minutes now. Click here to watch.

So stay warm and if you can somehow obtain a vaccination without having to shoot at Israel, go for it.

Sometimes this country is so nuts the only thing you can do is jump on a bike and ride through the mud for a few days. More sensible than half the stuff our government keeps cooking up.

Shabbat Shalom from our really nuts but always blessed nation.


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  1. Paul Goldstein says:

    You’re attempting to assign logic to governments – it ain’t gonna happen! Have a Beautiful Shabbos.