Time to Run

Posted on January 1st, 2010


Put on a pair of sneakers and just run.

Running in Israel is more than just exercise. Every step you take, every hill, every trail has some history behind it.

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Get your heart beating fast, it feels good. Gaze out at the views and think how incredibly fortunate you are to be right here, right at this point in history.

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Work up a sweat and reflect how many people throughout history longed for every square inch of land passing below your feet. Reflect on how many people made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could live here freely.

Run faster with your arms pumping.  You feel like nothing can stop you as the kilometers fall away one by one.

When I moved to Israel four and a half years ago , if you would have told me that I was about to run my second full distance marathon, I would have thought you insane.

Of course, four and a half years before that, if you would have told me that I would be living in the land of Israel, I would have viewed you as equally insane.

What is it about this place that makes us stretch to reach and pass our limits?

Perhaps the air encourages dreaming. Hertzl was right, “If you will it, it is no dream.” Right you go Ted. Perhaps more than you ever imagined.

Every day, Israelis turn dreams into reality. Sorry to all the post-Zionists, but we have never been and never will be a nation like all the others. A tiny spit of land with very little natural resources continues to produce miracles every day.

Every day you can read about breakthroughs in high tech, agriculture, medicine, you name it. From innovative start-ups to Nobel Prize winners (I mean the ones awarded for actual accomplishments), we produce more than our share by far.

In a few years, when you are driving your electric car around and watching how Saudi Arabia is trying to find an export market for sand, you can thank this tiny and often maligned little land.

And yes, despite what you may read, it is the Israeli “war machine” that has done more to safeguard civilians than any other army in history. By the way, that was said by a Brit, not an Israeli. Don’t believe me? I don’t care, the facts are out in the open.

This is the land where the difficult becomes the average and the impossible becomes possible.

We can do whatever we dream. All it takes is will.

Now get some sneakers and join me in Tiveria for a little run around the Kinneret next week.

No limits.

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  1. good luck to you, yarden
    the gemara says that every 4 amot that you walk (or run) in israel is a mitzvah. i don’t know exactly how many, but there must be thousands of amot in 42.2 km. that’s lots of mitzvot.
    i have been lucky enough to have run the tverya marathon 4 times over the last 10 years, but i am stuck in galut (monsey) this time.
    i often think of how fortunate we are to live at this time of jewish history, as you said. our ancestors davened for two thousands years to return to yerushalayim under jewish rule. only in the last 42 years have we really been able to do so. what a zechut we have.
    hatzlacha raba and kol tov
    steve wolinsky

    steve wolinsky

  2. dr says:

    You say:
    “Every day, Israelis turn dreams into reality.”
    “Every day you can read about breakthroughs in high tech, agriculture, medicine, you name it. From innovative start-ups to Nobel Prize winners (I mean the ones awarded for actual accomplishments), we produce more than our share by far.”
    Well look at the price paid by the Palestinians for all these accomplishments-they live in a prison and all efforts to create that 2 state solution seem to go nowhere. The Palestianians have lost and continue to lose their land, crops and homes to settlements. The Palestianians are abused , attacked and terorized by settlers with no protection from the Isreali police and the IDF.

    Germany achieved many scientific and engineering marvels and look at the price paid by the peoples of the world during WWI and WWII by the German war machine and aggession.