Never Say Never Again

Posted on August 26th, 2010

Standing by my bike on the slopes of Mount Hermon, I felt the sweat freezing to my body. I think it was at that time I decided that no way would I ever ride the Alyn 5 day charity ride again. Not a chance. Don’t even ask. After all, biking is a recreational hobby, right?

Why on Earth should one’s hobby make one miserable. As I tried to clean the mud out of my nose later that night, I felt comfortable that after riding Alyn for four years and raising over ten thousand dollars for the children’s hospital, I had done my share. Let someone else take over.

Of course, by the time the ride ended, I realized how important the funds we raised for the hospital are. These funds enable children to continue to receive the wonderful care that Alyn has to offer. Hmm…maybe my preference to stay warm and dry was just a bit selfish when compared with the needs of the Alyn kids.

Then I thought about how many people have heard of the Alyn ride,  and how proud I have been to mention that I had ridden four years in a row. How would I feel explaining to someone that this year I skipped the ride because I was afraid of getting a little dirty.

I could just imagine someone in the Alyn office saying “well, let’s skip the therepy sessions for little Moshe this year. Frankl decided to stay home and watch TV.”

Couldn’t have that.

No, that just wouldn’t do.

So yes, I am signed up for #5 and ready to tackle the new enduro route. The enduro route is for us gluttons for punishment who are not satisfied with the length of the traditional off-road route. Since the ride is in the South this year, I don’t have to worry about the cold and the rain. Intense heat, on the other hand, is fairly typical for the middle of the desert.

So I am in the midst of training again and looking forward to doing my share to help Alyn continue putting together the lives of young bodies shattered by car accidents, deadly diseases, and a variety of other nightmares that all parents pray their children will never have to face.

But unlike those who choose to suffer for a week by riding their bikes, these kids have no choices. Some are learning to walk again, to eat, to speak, to live.

And here is where you come in. Because no matter how many hours I spend on the bike or what the weather is, I cannot be successful without raising the funds for Alyn that are at the core of this magnificent event. So I will give a little physical suffering if you will give a little financial. Believe me — I would not be asking if I was not 200 percent convinced that the money collected is literally saving children’s lives.

So please click here to make a donation and  help me support the children of Alyn.

I know he does not quit, so how could I?

With my deep appreciation for any amount you can manage.

Yarden Frankl, Neve Daniel


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