Not a Game

Posted on November 14th, 2010

The New York Times has chastised Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for playing “games” rather than focusing on peace. In one of the most insulting editorials to come out of the Times in some time, we are told:

It’s time for him [Bibi] to stop playing games, reinstate the moratorium, get back to negotiations and engage seriously in a peace deal.

What do they think Bibi has been doing since the last freeze ended? Was he playing basketball? At the beach? Thumbing his nose at all the serious peace proposals that the Palestinians have been offering?

Which one of these reasonable proposals should he have accepted? Maybe the one that would have Israel hand over all the land with an option to rent out the Kotel for a few years? (Sadly, I am not making this garbage up, read the article.)

No. Netanyahu has been repeating over and over and over again that Israel wishes to continue peace negotiations that would lead to a Palestinian State. He has been sitting at the peace table, ready to talk with no preconditions. He looks across the table and sees…. nobody.

Abbas is the one playing games. He scorn’s Israel’s demand that he recognize that Israel is  a Jewish State, not a second future Palestinian State. He rejects Israel concerns about security. He demands that millions of Palestinians be given homes in Tel Aviv and Haifa. He accuses Israel of assassinating Arafat. His government continues to flood the airwaves with the message that Jews are subhuman creatures.

The schools of the Palestinian Authority still commemorate those who murdered men, women, and children by strapping on explosive belts and blowing up buses. There has been no pressure from the U.S. for a freeze in murderous incitement. Here is an example from last week, but click around on the Palestinian Media Watch website for more examples that would have made the Third Reich proud.

Is this all top secret information that I have somehow been able to discover? While I would like people to think that I am an extraordinary investigative journalist, you really could just read one of Abbas’ latest speeches to find out who is playing games. Try doing a Google search if you have any trouble finding more Palestinian nonsense.

Yet for some strange reason, this is all news to the “experts” at the New York Times.

Perhaps they are the ones out on vacation and have allowed the Palestinian Authority to write the editorials?

I have news for the Times editors. When Bibi stresses the importance of security, he is not playing a game. Protecting the lives of my children is not a game. Preventing the murders that we have grown accustomed to is not a game.

Really, this level of journalism is unworthy of Al Jazeera let alone one of the most widely read news publications in the world. Do me a favor, click over to the article here and leave a comment.

Maybe if enough of us complain they will think twice before publishing such trash.

And maybe the Giants will win the World Series.

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  1. Yarden says:

    While they are no longer accepting comments on the editorial, you can send a letter to the editor to

  2. AMFrankl says:

    Really good article. The Times has been taking a lot of criticism lately because of misleading articles.