Please Have Your Passport, Boarding Card, and Breasts Ready for Inspection

Posted on November 22nd, 2010

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  1. Dennis Berman says:

    It is coming to this: All flights will have three planes – one with naked man, one with naked women, and the third with all the luggage. Then you will feel safe!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Good one, Yarden! I haven’t flown recently, but I guess I’ll have to ask a shai’la before my next trip: Which yukky method. if any, is preferable halachichly?

  3. Yochanan says:

    While TSA, as required by the US administration, spends their time and effort covering their political behinds, Israeli airport security spends its time and effort identifying terrorists. No doubt about who to trust. Thanks Yarden!

  4. Eliezer says:

    When my mother came into Israel last, she was a bit surprised when after telling the Israeli security that she is a morah, they proceded to ask her what holiday is coming up, which Chanukah, and then they asked her, can you tell me the story about it. She asked “Do you want the 3 year old version”.