Settler Bastards

Posted on December 12th, 2010

Once again, the Obama Administration has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. While they finally understood that their attempts to impose another Israeli settlement freeze would have led to absolutely nothing beyond a few thousand unemployed Palestinian workers, Hillary did not miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity to get peace talks really on track.

Instead of demanding that her friend Abbas remove the anti-Semitic slurs from the Palestinian Authority website, she repeated the intellectually sophomoric line articulated by President Obama in one of the first of several Islamic countries he has honored with a State visit.

“We do not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity.”

With those simple ten words, Hillary Clinton and her boss have bastardized all Jews living, working, and protecting towns and cities that happen to lay on one side of the arbitrary non-border referred to as the “green line.”

If you want to make an argument that Israeli settlements make a peace agreement harder, I will respect your view. Then I will demolish it by pointing out that the existence of the State of Israel has been the main cause of friction between Israelis and Palestinians, not simply where Jewish towns are located. I might also point out that perhaps official Palestinian anti-Semitism and dehumanizing of Jews that runs throughout their culture might be a retardant to peace-making. But go ahead and make your case, I look forward to the debate.

Removing settlements did not improve this Israeli's security

Removing settlements did not improve this Israeli's security

You might also try the charge, as many have done, that Israeli settlements actually undermine Israeli security and should be removed even outside of a peace agreement. I would thank you for the opportunity to have a discussion and film my response from a bomb shelter built in Sderot the last time Israeli settlements were removed to strengthen Israeli security.

To make sure you wave the white flag in our debate, I might even bring a 6-year old child who has never known life without rockets and sirens to the debate. I will politely accept your surrender and invite you over for some tea because your position is an understandable although provably incorrect one.

But I would give no more credibility to one who charges that Jewish “activity” in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem is “illegitimate” that I would one who claims that the Holocaust was a myth. You see today, denying Jewish legitimacy in Israel is the latest “fad” for those whose visceral hatred of Israel makes it acceptable to ignore any record of historical facts.


Think of it this way: the Western Wall, that symbol of the Jewish religion recognized around the world is officially on the wrong side of the “green” line. That’s right, Jews praying at the Kotel would fit the definition of “settlement activity” that the United States finds “illegitimate.”

Is it really such a great leap between the official study of Abbas’ Palestinian Authority that the Western Wall was “never a Jewish site” to the United Nations declaration that the Tomb of Rachel and the Machpala Cave in Hevron are actually Islamic holy sites?

How many millions of people around the world saw 60 Minutes reject the findings of archaeologists who have been excavating King David’s palace with Leslie Stahl’s condescending “But there’s no evidence David lived here.” They have found a palace built in the time of Kind David, in the exact place where David lived and ruled, filled with artifacts linked to the reign of King David — but they have not yet found his full name on the mailbox. Hence the 60 Minutes conclusion that there is no evidence of David’s residency.

I wonder, when David built his palace in what would become three thousand years later the Arab slum of Silwan, was that activity illegitimate? If not, at one point in time did Jewish activity in what is currently referred to as the “occupied territory” become so?

More Bastards

On a recent trip to the U.S., I met an Irish woman, and we started talking about Israel. She told me that she had a real problem with Israel because of her philosophy that taking over land by military conquest was simply not acceptable.

I told her I agreed and invited her to visit Gush Etzion where she could be thankful that the Arab military conquest of 1948 had been reversed. I said she could also visit Jerusalem and walk the streets that Jews were expelled from by Arab soldiers until the liberation of 1967. Somehow, I don’t think she will visit. But I wonder, when did liberation of historical Jewish lands become “illegitimate?”

While Obama’s unearned Nobel Peace Prize sits gathering dust, he might put away all the public policy books he studies and pick up a book or two on the history of the Middle East. Instead of consulting with his hand-picked Middle East policy “experts,” he might try calling an archeologist and asking about Jewish roots in this disputed land.

2,000 year old illegitimate activity

Walk outside my West Bank home about 5 minutes down a trail and you will come across an ancient Jewish mikva from a few thousand years ago. The way it was constructed leaves no doubt. This is evidence of Jewish activity that predates the Obama Presidency, the Six Day War, the founding of the U.S.,  and even the discovery of America by Europeans by a handful of centuries.

Long before any other current member of the United Nations was established as a nation, there was “Jewish settlement activity” in the West Bank.

Are we really such bastards?


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  1. Sam Hilt says:

    Nice post, Yarden! I also read Hillary’s dismal statement and was disappointed that the thick cloud of stupidity still hasn’t begun to lift. I had hoped that there would be some shift after the Wikileaks episode exposed the bankruptcy and dishonesty of Obama’s policy. We can still hope, but I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath…

  2. Rev. Rock says:

    The world must forgive Obama, poor fellow he doesn’t understand geography very well like a lot of other things he doesn’t understand. Jerusalem is not a settlement, its in fact the capital of Israel. What he knows about King David would no doubt fit in a thimble.