YouTube Stupidity

Posted on December 19th, 2010

You might think from the title of this post that I am getting fed up of people sending me bizarre YouTube videos of the baby preacher or literal music videos. Not at all. I love that stuff. What I really want to write about is something that you can no longer see on YouTube.

In Jerusalem, there is an organization called Palestinian Media Watch. Anyone who wants to know why there is no peace in the Middle East does not have to do more than take a quick glance on the material on the PMW website. For example, as of the moment of this writing, their homepage has the following articles:

Abbas supports Sudanese president accused of Darfur genocide
Ah, the moderate Palestinian leader paying tribute to the biggest mass-murderer on the planet

Hamas video: Allah, kill Christians and Jews “to the last one”
More from those wonderful advocates of “The Religion of Peace”

PA Minister: Israel deliberately slow in saving Palestinian prisoners from forest fire
Sure — wouldn’t want the Palestinian people to know how many Israelis died saving the prisoners lives

I could go on but if you just click on to their website, you will see what an amazing job this group does documenting the pervasive anti-semitism and demonization of Israel that  infects every level of Palestinian society. Palestinian children watch happy bunnies and a mickey mouse knock-off playing games and singing about how nice it would be to kill some Jews.

Meanwhile, the grown-ups can watch academic documentaries on how the Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem and how the Holocaust was a fabrication. I mean without PMW, how would non-Arabic speakers know that in an official PA (the moderates) daily, the answer to the crossword puzzle clue “center for the Holocaust and Lies” is “Yad Vashem.”

There is much more. If you like to be outraged, just get on the PMW mailing list, and they will send you weekly reports about just how much hate is being espoused by the guys who live over the next hill from me. But don’t take their word for it. PMW is constantly putting up the videos of Hamas and Fatah so the entire world has no excuse for not knowing about what is going on.

Sounds like a very important public service, right? Here comes the stupid part: YouTube has decided to ban PMW from publishing videos because these videos “promote hate.” That’s right — videos that show the world that the Palestinian “moderates” are not so moderate are now banned because they propogate hate.

Meanwhile, even a cursory search on the word “Israel” will bring up video after video that depicts Israelis has genocidal lunatics intent on torturing and killing as many Palestinian children as they can get their hands on. No hate speech there! No, YouTube had to put a stop to PMW exposing the haters.

Below is an address for YouTube sent by a friend. Hopefully if we can get a reasonable person in the loop, YouTube will realize that there is a difference between promoting and exposing hatred.

Please share this around and let everyone know about the YouTube decision. (Perhaps it would be better to not call them stupid in a letter. Let’s keep that just between us.)

UPDATE: I found this address on their site:

It’s for the media but why not give it a try, I did.

YouTube, LLC

901 Cherry Ave.

San Bruno, CA 94066


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  1. Yochanan says:

    How about a piece on the stupidity of those who know, but don’t know better? Yes, I know you will run out of cyber-paper, but it’s the price one must pay.

    Keep up the great work!