Climate of Hate

Posted on January 11th, 2011

“All the Democratic Party actions with regard to immigration and health care reform are part of a Satanic plot, and therefore the position is most dangerous. Action must be taken to halt this criminal activity.”

Couldn't agree more

If the line above was being used to describe the positions of Congresswoman Giffords, I could see why everyone would want to blame the speaker for the tragic shootings in Arizona. Such words are highly dangerous. Those words are not part of political discourse and whomever speaks them is responsible for the damage they cause.

All the elected officials, journalists, and pundits who have spoken out are absolutely right to warn about the danger of  hate speech.

I just wish they were genuinely upset about the topic and not just trying to score political points.

While I have changed some words in the above example, it is very close to what was printed in the Palestinian Authority Daily Al Hayat last week. Here is the real quotation (from Palestinian Media Watch):

All the Israeli actions in Jerusalem and at the Al-Aqsa Mosque are part of a Satanic plot, and therefore the position is worrying and most dangerous. Action must be taken to halt this criminal occupationist activity against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Yes. For all those who are proclaiming the dangers of inciteful speech, here is a chance to take real action.

The United States gives Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars in American taxpayer money. The Palestinian Authority then has enough money to support official publications like Al Hayat that pump out daily incitement against Israel and the Jewish people.

Now that the tragedy in Arizona has made us all sensitive to the dangers of hate speech, perhaps it would be a good time to stop funding it. As we condemn those who engage in the rhetoric of violence, perhaps we should be consistent in our condemnation and demand the same standard from recipients of U.S. tax dollars.

Or should America’s gangster allies like Abbas get away this drivel while they count their dollars because they represent the “moderate” Palestinian camp?

The U.S. has made clear that incitement speech is unacceptable. Every peace agreement from Oslo through the Road Map says that the Palestinians must halt all incitement against Israel. But far from halting it, they gleefully thumb their collective nose at their treaty obligations and accuse us every day of a satanic plot against which “action must be taken.” Meanwhile, despite the daily threats and accusations, the U.S. remains silent.

Senator Richard Durbin, one of the highest ranking Democrats in the Senate had this to say after the Arizona shootings:

“Don’t we have an obligation, those of us in public life and those who cover us to say, ‘This is beyond the bounds?'” Durbin told CNN. “We owe it to our own in both political parties to have at least the good sense and common decency when people say these outrageous things to say, ‘Wait a minute, that just goes too far,’ whether it comes from the right or from the left.”

Hate Speech in San Francisco

Hate Speech in San Francisco

Senator Durbin, you DO have an obligation. And as a United States Senator, you also have an obligation to see that the tax dollars of U.S. citizens are not used to fund hateful speech by the Palestinian Authority.

Contact your Congressional representatives and demand that the U.S. stop funding hate speech by the Palestinian Authority.

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  1. Paul Goldstein says:

    Yarden, sometimes you get confused. What does obligation and logic and fairness have to do with the way the Jews are perceived and treated? But keep on writing – maybe someday soon things will change.