Double Standard of The Day at the New York Times

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  • Israel has agreed to the formation of a Palestinian State
  • Israel instituted a freeze on settlement construction for ten months, a freeze it was willing to extend in return for guarantees from the U.S. that never materialized.
  • Israel removed dozens of checkpoints and took other measures to improve the Palestinian economy.
  • Israel removed by force all Jewish residents of the Gaza Strip.

Moving on qoutes

Abbas won’t even condescend to recognize Israel as the legitimate homeland of the Jewish people. He continues to demand that millions of Palestinians from abroad be admitted to Israel so that he can have not one, but Where to buy Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 64 bit software two Palestinian states.

Yet the AP and New York Times want to label the Israeli government as the ones who ‘oppose concessions.’

Netanyahu and Lieberman may in fact be “to the right,” but by the same standards, Abbas isn’t even on the field.


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  1. Susan says:

    How I wish Netanyahu was “to the right!” Last I heard it was Bibi who agreed to, maybe even suggested, the first building freeze and was ready to offer a second freeze. Meanwhile, in the absence of a ‘building freeze’ he refuses to issue – or have his Defense Minister – issue building permits. For those waiting to legally build the difference between a freeze and a refusal to issue permits is no difference at all. Not a terribly right wing position!