Exploiting Palestinian Workers

Posted on January 16th, 2011

Well-paid slave labor

As all enlightened people believe, the evil settlers in the West Bank exploit Palestinian workers by forcing them to build Jewish housing in dangerous conditions at slave wages.

Well, not exactly.

I don’t know how many slaves drive Mercedes and the latest SUVs, but the contractors here seem to do all right. I have even heard that many send their children to college in the U.S. with the money that they earn from building settlements.

But that’s just the top guys. What about the workers? Well it seems rather telling that even though the Palestinian Authority has expressly forbid them from working for the evil settlers, they still come every day. In fact, many will tell you that they much prefer working in the settlements to work in Palestinian villages since their wages are so much higher here.

Yes, I know; Some have given interviews in the media about how they feel terrible working in settlements and only do so in order to feed their families. Deep down they hate the “occupation” and dream of a Palestinian State. I’m not surprised. I would say the exact same things publicly if I lived next to a gang of Hamas thugs who watched my kids go to school every day. But talk to them in private, and they will tell you a different story.

Mobile Safety Class

This morning, I saw an interesting truck parked next to a major construction site (hat tip Chaim Sherman). The truck was provided by the Israeli equivalent of Social Security in the U.S. This truck is a mobile work safety classroom.

The workers come into the truck and use interactive software to learn about job safety. Other parts of the truck display proper equipment and emergency procedures. It is the kind of facility I would expect to see at a construction site in America. But to have it here in a “West Bank” settlement, seems terribly ironic.

I mean with all the hundreds of millions in aid from the U.S. and Europe, do you seriously think that the Palestinian Authority makes much of an investment in the health and safety of its people? Does anyone find it surprising that evil settlers such as myself employ Palestinians, pay them much higher wages than they would get working for their brethren, and then have our tax dollars spent to try and keep them safe while on the job?

Most of the world may think they know how the “Palestinians” feel about settlements because of the way the “leaders” skillfully manipulate the press. But the truth is far different.

Inside the Zionist truck

I am reminded of a friend who told me that one day, a worker brought his child to the site where he was building my friend’s home. When he was asked why he brought his kid, the guy said that he wanted his son to see what the Jews were really like. It certainly is different than what they get in their schools.

So next time you hear someone speaking about how the settlers are exploiting the local Palestinians, ask them how many mobile worker safety vehicles roam the streets of Ramallah.

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  1. Jessica Gertel says:

    well said!