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Posted on February 28th, 2011

O.K., so I took a break for a few weeks from writing. After all, nothing ever happens in the Middle East. What did I miss?

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Yeah, I know that an angry mob overthrew Mubarak, and others are trying to topple the leadership in Libya, Tunisia, and Neve Daniel. (Can anyone tell me who won the game vote last night, I gotta kinda tired after a few hours. I had this weird dream that some of the most right-wing members of the Yishuv were trying to stop the construction of a new Neve Daniel neighborhood.)

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But that’s now why I’m writing now. I figure it would be amiss to just jump in and start writing again without a little personal update. If you are more interested in my ramblings on the insanity of the world, read my rant on the HonestReporting website by clicking  here. I go after the U.N. Human Rights Council, but quite frankly, they’ve become too easy a target.

Most importantly, I feel a big miracle has occurred. As many are aware, both my parents ended up in the intensive care unit for independent reasons at about the same time. I have now made so many flights between Israel and the Bay Area that Delta has a frequent flyer status just for me. I get to sit with the pilot.

Actually, I have tried out KLM, Delta’s Dutch partner airline. It’s great. Imagine the convenient flight times and low prices that Delta seems to have with flight attendants who are actually… nice. Not once did I hear one of them tell me Delta’s motto:

“There’s nothing I can do about that”

And on KLM, you are not forced to watch Delta commercials between the movies. Whenever I see one of those, I wonder why the friendly, smiling Delta employees that they use in the commercials have no resemblance to the people working on the plane.

BUT — the great news is that my Dad is now home from the hospital and my Mom has just one chemo session left. After months of bad news, we are very hopeful that they will both make a speedy recovery. (And thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers, it has meant a lot to us.) While Passover is usually the holiday where Jews celebrate leaving bondage in Egypt for the land of Israel, I think this one time we will leave the land of milk and matzah to celebrate freedom from illness in the Bay Area.

In between and during travels to California, I have tried to keep up with running, but it has not been easy. Two hunded times back and forth in the plane aisle is about a kilometer, but doing intervals while flying is generally frowned upon, even by those nice KLM stewardesses.

The Jerusalem marathon will take place in about 3 weeks and I will give it a shot. It’s normally not considered such a great idea to run two marathons in about two months, but I never admitted to normalcy. Yet I do not plan to run this competitively like the Tiveria marathon. No, I want to just go out and have fun running around the ancient and modern city of Jerusalem. (If it’s possible to run 42 kilometers and have fun. Not really sure about that yet.) It’s the least I can do considering the Mayor’s office stood up to the pressure to change the route of the race so it does not go through “occupied” territory.

Which actually fits in nicely to a video I am making for HonestReporting. We’re all getting a little tired of the media referring to the Old City of Jerusalem as “occupied, Arab East Jerusalem” just because it was conquered by the Jordanian Legion in 1948. There had been a thriving Jewish community in the Old City for thousands of years. This community was thrown out in 1948, the only time in modern history that Jerusalem was really “occupied.”

For part of the film, we interview a few people who lived in the Old City in 1948. They have compelling stories about what it was like to be under fire and then thrown out of their homes. So when you hear people casually refer to areas of Jerusalem that should be “given back to the Palestinians,” you can remind them that the city was already liberated from occupation in 1967.

So between work, training, and most importantly trying to help my parents, it has been a busy winter. But now that I’ve “updated my status,” I can resume writing about more interesting matters. Such as my current fight with those who think I am a left-wing nut.

But that will have to wait.


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  1. rutimizrachi says:

    So glad the parents are improving! Their son was surely medicine for them. Looking forward to the video.

  2. steve wolinsky says:

    I am very happy to hear about your parents, and I wish them a continued refuah shelema.
    I wish I could run the Yerushalayim Marathon through liberated territory this month . However, my schedule will keep me in the U.S. this year. But bashana habaa (i.e. March 16, 2012) I hope to run with you and all the other nice people from the Beit Shemesh Running Club in the Yerushalayim Marathon.