Beard? Gun? Stethoscope?

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  1. rutimizrachi says:

    It is important for stories like this to “go viral,” so that people will have the opportunity to view this complex and beautiful country in all its colors and textures and shades. The MSM doesn’t like to work that way — at least where Israel and the Jews are concerned.

    Years ago, a friend told me she became religious because of one photograph. After a bombing in Jerusalem, a bearded, kippa- and tzitzit-wearing ZAKA worker comforted a distraught and injured woman. The photo captured the moment as he laid a hand gently on her shoulder. And my friend realized that there were layers to Jewish laws, and the black and white stereotypes she’d been fed weren’t true.

    May you and others like you share the stories that defeat the evil of unquestioned stereotypes.