Right Wing Lunatics

Posted on March 8th, 2011

 There may be those who read CTY who have labeled me “right-wing.”

Afterall, I do not believe that the formation of a Palestinian State that wants to blow up my house would be a good thing. Perhaps I am “right-wing” since I do not believe that throwing people out of legally built houses is such a great idea. Or maybe the reason that I am “on the right” is that I have made it clear that I don’t believe the trading of 10,000 Jewish residents of Gaza was worth the 10,000 rockets that we received in return.

All this is true, so maybe I am a “right-winger.” But when I read with disgust the actions of the lunatics who also fall under the term, I feel I have to speak up. Let no one think that all of us settlers or right-wingers agree with the extremists who usually speak in our names. Case in point: This Rabbi’s call for settlers to shoot at Israeli solidiers.

If he was a Palestinian, he would already be in jail.

It goes along with the attempts of others last week to block major Israeli intersections. There was even a group who stood in the train tracks and said they were trying to block the train to Tel Aviv. Yeah, smart. That’s a great way to get your point across. 

Don’t misunderstand, I am all in favor of protest against government decisions that I believe are against Israel’s best interests. Rallies, marches, mass vigils — these are all critical to drawing attention to your arguments. But shooting at young Israeli men and women in uniform? Shooting at our own kids?

Are you guys really nuts?

Actually, the only thing that actions such as these do is make everyone else in Israel just want to wash their hands of settlers and settlements as quickly as possible. Even if they don’t think that taking down settlements will lead to peace, they are getting sick of the ridiculous extremism on the right. You know what? I don’t blame them.

The main thing that we tell the world that differentiates Israel from its enemies is the fact that we are a Democracy, a nation of laws. But when a segment of the population declares that neither laws nor decisions of a democratically elected government need to be followed, we have just compromised our moral standing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that a majority or even a significant minority of settlers believe we should start shooting at soldiers. But like the handful of haredim who harass women and throw stones at cars on shabbat, this minority misrepresents whole  communities. This IS how more and more people perceive the right.

So as a settler whose views on the Israeli political spectrum are “right-wing,” I must stand up and say that I reject the actions of these extremists. They are hurting our efforts to retain territory and weaken, rather than strengthen the Jewish claim to Judea and Samara.

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  1. steve wolinsky says:

    I 100% agree.

  2. Jay says:

    “If he was a Palestinian, he would already be in jail.” Disagree 100%.

    Each week there are violent skirmishes with IDF many times surrounding the building of the fence (that I may add has saved so many countless Israeli lives) yet those protesters who threaten the IDF and on average put 6 soldiers in the hospital a month are not jailed but allowed to be teargassed back where they came from so they could do it all again next week.

    Again, here the violence is not an angry rhetoric from some cleric but actual physical attacks so please be quite careful not to over react to this Rabbi’s words as the Israeli Left wing who protests with these violent Arabs get the royal pass. As I see it more noise about idle threats instead of stopping the real ones. Will the double standards ever cease?

  3. Bill Landau says:

    “Right” on as usual, Yarden!

  4. I believe that if a prominent Palestinian gave an interview with the press where he called for shooting Israeli soldiers, he would be arrested.

    But even if that would not happen, it’s a minor point in the article. The major point is that we must do everything possible to condemn the fanatics on the right who call for violence against Israeli soldiers.

    Does anyone disagree?

  5. bukin86 says:

    umm…. if someone shot at you… would you not defend yourself regardless of what the person was wearing??

  6. bukin86 says:

    your blue highlighted link to the article is also misleading if someone doesnt click on it! Rabbi Wolpe said to fire BACK!!! I am new to ur blog, do u usually do these types of unfair sensational pieces?

  7. 1) If a policeman acting according to the laws of my state told me to stop what I was doing, I would do so. I may not like it, but this is how a society based on law works. The result is anarchy.

    2) It was clear that he was urging them to use violent means to resist eviction orders. I think even he realized his error because he apologized the next day. Clearly this is not the situation of someone walking down the street and being attacked by an out of control cop.

  8. ruth says:

    why is it acceptable for so many jews to be treated like filth because they are live in the shimron – why is standard treatment for them to be bashed all the time from the government to the media to the legal system.
    this is huge discrimination against the best of the jews here.
    this is totally illegal and disgusting and done under the pretence of law and order
    instead of dealing with the real enemies
    dont be so liberal to point fingers at them, when someone comes to break down your house to give it to a terrorrist – you then will understand their anger

  9. ruth says:

    and what about the bullets shot at our settlers the other day at a early morning shock surprise with no warning. was that also ok. next day it will be real bullets and what then do you say???
    and what about the fogel family – yes only settlers who dont deserve security
    re barak and his pals. i was at the funeral and am sick to death of this attack on our best jews.
    have you said anything in this case or just repeat the same old same old?

  10. Ruth, I don’t think you even read my article after the headline.
    Try again. And if you are going to ask if I have anything to say, try reading my blog and your questions would be answered.
    If you believe that I have said at anytime that settlers do not deserve security, then you must be one of the lunatics I mention. I will give you one million shekels if you can find where I have said that shooting at settlers (such as myself) is o.k.