Terror and Lies

Posted on March 12th, 2011

“No Palestinian in the past killed an infant and butchered people in such way based on a nationalistic or vengeful motive”

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That’s the lie line from the Palestinians over the latest act of butchery where a whole family was slaughtered in their home. Of course, I guess they just missed the statement from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades which claimed responsibility for the “heroic” operation. In the act of “heroism,” a teenage daughter came home late Friday night to discover that her parents, sisters, and baby brother had been stabbed to death in their beds.

Slitting the throat of a sleeping infant?

Real “heroic” you bastards.

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I’m sorry. I forgot. Palestinians could never have been responsible for such an act. No, I guess the thousands of Israelis who have been blown up, shot, stabbed, and axed to death since the Oslo “Peace” treaty were all killed by aliens from Mars.

Don’t you know? Peaceful protest is the only method the Palestinians know. They are shocked by the latest news, just shocked.

Of course, since peace and non-violence pervade Palestinian culture, we should all be just as surprised that anyone should accuse a Palestinian of being behind the brutal terrorist attack. Wherever does the World get these ideas that the Palestinians are a violent people? (For those of you unused to my sarcasm, hold on.)

Well, to find out, just check in with Palestinian Media Watch, which should be required reading for anyone who wants to talk intelligently about the  prospects for Middle East Peace.

Perhaps the PMW article headline says it all:

Palestinian youth center names football tournament after first Palestinian female suicide bomber Wafa Idris

Yes, while their parents are watching talk shows on PA TV where the experts call for Israel’s destruction, the little kiddies are out competing in a soccer tournament that glorifies a heroic Palestinian fighter. Forget the details of the heroine? From PMW:

Wafa Idris was the first Palestinian female suicide bomber. She blew herself up in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring more than 150 on Jan. 27, 2002. As a volunteer for the Palestinian Red Crescent, she was able to bypass Israeli security and enter Jerusalem in a Palestinian ambulance. Since her bombing, Israel has been forced to delay Palestinian ambulances entering Jerusalem at security check points.

The PA has repeatedly presented Wafa Idris as a hero and role model, naming places and events after her, including a summer camp for youth funded by UNICEF, a Fatah women’s military unit, a university students group for Fatah members, a Fatah course, and more. There have been public demonstrations and songs on PA TV to honor her.

I could go on but it would probably make us all sick to our stomachs as we watch the news of a whole family that sat down for Friday night dinner and never woke up Shabbat morning. The point is that there is a direct link between the glorification of terror and… well, terror. Why is it hard to understand this?

The same people who claim that no Palestinians could have done such an act are funding soccer tournaments honoring Palestinians for doing such an act.

Will it be any real surpise when next year some Palestinian television show or Summer camp honors the one responsible for today’s massacre in Itamar?

Until Abbas and his thugs officials take real steps to end the constant flood of incitement that infects every inch of Palestinian society,  there can never be any peace.

I wonder if they are passing out sweets in the village I can see out my window while we bury the children of Itamar.

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  1. Baruch says:

    And I wonder if the murderous bastards or their family are building the house that I can see from my window…