The Ranting of the Israeli Right Wing

Posted on March 1st, 2011

Recently, I was taken to task for describing the words of a prominent leader of a right-wing group as “ranting.” Specifically, I was appalled at her description of Tsomet HaGush (one of the main crossroads here in Gush Etzion) as a “Bastion of the PLO.”

After much reflection, I have decided that I was indeed wrong to criticize her writing that way.

“Ranting” is way too kind a word to use.

Heavily populated Palestinian areas lie just to the south of Tsomet HaGush. The most heavily populated Jewish areas lie to the north. Every day, young Israeli men and women risk their lives doing guard duty there, and with good reason.

There have been several terrorist attacks right in the spot that have been thwarted by our soldiers. In the last one, a terrorist was stopped before he could plunge his knife into a woman who was waiting for a ride at the corner.

According to the IDF:

The Gush Etzion juncture is a central one connecting communities in Gush Etzion, Efrat and Hebron and the road coming from Beit Shemesh. The region is one of those constantly under threat in the Judea and Samaria region, the juncture seeing daily conflicts between Israeli civilians and Palestinians. IDF forces are constantly present in the juncture, standing at numerous lookout and security points every hour of the day.

Because there are so many Israeli soldiers serving in this spot, it is also where the Pina Hama (lit. “warm corner”) canteen was established in memory of two residents of the Gush murdered by terrorists. Every day, local volunteers serve cakes and drinks prepared by other local volunteers to the soldiers who can relax inside during their breaks.

It is a way that all of us who live out here and are protected by these young Israeli heroes can say thanks.

So for anyone to refer to such a spot as a “Bastion of the PLO” is more than incorrect. It is insulting and embarassing to most people who live here and an attack on those who defend us. But this kind of language is typical of those who are always trying to speak in the name of the settlers. And that’s the problem.

Because when most people hear what they have to say, they are immediately turned off because of the extremism. And that’s too bad, because some of the best ideas on the peace process are being ignored because so many people, myself included, can’t stand the fiery rhetoric and demands for ideological conformity from the right.

I frequenty am critical of the Palestinians, the international community, the left-wing and anyone else who is spouting nonsense in my not so humble (but honest) opinion. No one gets a free pass in my book.

Not even those who claim to speak in my name.

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