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Posted on April 28th, 2011

The formulation is used so often that you might miss it when reading the latest news stories about Israel. It’s a way that the media can use the “terrorist” label without actually going out on a limb and calling blood thirsty killers claiming some vague political purpose to be, well… “terrorists.” How do they do it?  Like this (from today’s Washington Post):

both (the U.S. and Israel) of which consider Hamas a terrorist organization

Oh, that clears that up. So it is simply an opinion that Hamas is a bunch of terrorists. Because when you write that some people consider them terrorists, what you are really saying is that YOU do not. Sort of like saying “Frankl is considered by his mother to be the favorite to win the Boston Marathon next year.” Would that get me on the cover of SI?

I can just imagine the Hamas PR guy feeling the frustration and wondering  just what in the world they need to do to be accepted as a bona fide terrorist group. I mean could you imagine the Post or anyone else writing:

Thousands of people were killed when the World Trade Towers in New York were attacked by Al Quada — who many consider a terrorist organization.

Hamas themselves proudly boast of acts of terrorism. When you fire a laser designated weapon at  a yellow school bus and rejoice when a boy is killed, what else besides a terrorist can you be “considered?

Hamas, which many consider to be an advocacy organization with unusual tactics that are not welcomed universally…

I guess all I can do is keep reporting on papers like the Washington Post, who some consider objective journalism….

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