Posted on July 12th, 2011

To all of our friends, in America, Israel, and all over the world,

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We have been overwhelmed by the love that we have felt from all over. The davening (praying), people making meals, and everyone asking what they can do to help. Words cannot express our gratitude for the support that we have received. We are sorry that we have kept everyone in the dark for a few days. We were hoping that the final diagnosis would be different than it is.

We are going to need your continued support.

Because the news is difficult.

Stella’s cancer is not operable.

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We will start chemotherapy in the next few days which hopefully can slow down and stop this detestable disease. At this point, there is no limit to the chemotherapy.

I am sorry that I have no more words right now. I am completely drained.

Until two weeks ago, we were living the dream of American Jews living in Israel. We love Neve Daniel. We love the people here, the views, the very air we breathe each day. And maybe we took for granted how special our lives have been here sometimes.

Not anymore.

Life can be completely turned on its head at any time.

Think about that every time you go for a walk or a bike ride or whatever.

What can you do for us?

You can value every second of your lives, that’s what you can do.

Please be sensitive to our dear, sweet children with this news. Our love for them knows no bounds. Telling them was as painful as hearing the news itself.

I ask that everyone who would like to help — whatever it is from Shabbat invitations to driving carpools, or anything — please coordinate with Josh and Romi Sussman first (home@thesussmanfamily.com).

Our goal is to attempt to live life as normally as possible. So while we really appreciate and NEED everyone’s support, sometimes I need to just go pick up milk at the makolet without a discussion about cancer.

I hope that our pleas to Hashem, (the Jewish way to refer to G-d) will be heard and that he will reverse our path.

You all may think you know Stella and how wonderful she is.

But I tell you, you don’t know the half of this beautiful angel I am married to.

No matter what the doctors say, we will fight this thing with every ounce of strength that we possess. We will leave no stone unturned and no tefilla (prayer) left unsaid.

Thank you all.

Yarden and Stella
Neve Daniel


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  1. nava says:

    Stella and Yarden,

    Stay strong and stick to Hashem. We are with you.

    Moshe and Nava

  2. suzette says:

    Please know all of us back in Potomac are thinking of you & davening for you.

  3. Dassi says:

    Sending love and more love.
    Dassi, Dan, and kids

  4. Jill Smudski says:

    Ditto Suzette. Prayers and tears and love. -Jill and Robert

  5. Reva & Levy Van Leeuwen says:

    We pray to Hashem daily for a refuah shlayma for Tzuria Kokhevet bat Sarah. May Hashem give you all the strength to get through this. Love, Reva & Levy Van Leeuwen

  6. Bill Landau says:

    Agree with all of the above.
    Tefillot and love from Bill & Gail.

  7. Sarah says:

    Our tefilos /prayers are with you. Hashem can do anything!

  8. Yosef Marcus says:

    In the merit of your extraordinary devotion to Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael, may Hashem send you an extraordinary refuah shleimah and even greater strength than before. Yossi

  9. devora zack says:

    stella you have always been and continue to be pure inspiration to everyone you meet. with love and prayers, devora

  10. Miles and Miriam Hartog says:

    Yarden and Stella, we are speechless.
    Trawling through the web with the catchphrases you gave we started off incredibly dismayed.
    With persistence, we found some rays of hope spread anecdotally through similar cases that had started off with extremely pessimistic prognoses.
    We ask Hashem that you be among those that beat the statistics, and we will continue to pray for that and be there for you in anything you need.
    Much love
    Miles and Miriam and the kids

  11. Pam & Moishe Lewack says:

    Pam and I will continue to daven for Tzuriya Cochevet’s (Stella’s) complete recovery.

    We know that you are both overwhelmed with well-wishers etc., but we think about you both every day.

    We hope that the news in the coming months will be that this scourge is in remission and that you both and the children go back to living your dream.

    With love, Moishe and Pam.

  12. libby anfinsen says:

    Stella and Jordan, Keep making those lovely memories by living each
    day fully with your children and friends, and each other…..there are still wonders to be done!!!! If you wish to visit in Potomac, remember my home is large and open to you and the kids at any time. With an abundance of love and fine memories of the times we spent together,……Libby Anfinsen.

  13. Rev. Rocky Hankins says:

    Stella & Jordan,
    May the God of hope fill you and your four precious children with peace, joy, patience and love so that you may abound in hope as God’s guides the physicians, nurses and all who will be attending to Stella. Remember that God is seldom early but He is never late. We love you and continue to pray for you multiple times each and everyday

    Rev. Rocky & Carol & Cameron
    Drumright, Oklahoma U.S.A.

  14. Moishe Lewack says:

    Tzuriya Cochevet and Yarden,

    We shall continue to daven for a refuah shleimah and for a victory against this scourge. May life return to some semblance of normalcy and may you continue to live out your dream in Eretz Yisroel.

  15. steve wolinsky says:

    We continue to daven for you and empathize with you. Keep on fighting.
    Steve, Vita, and family

  16. Marybeth says:

    We come out of the woodwork to send you strength and love and peaceful thoughts. So many happy memories from long before Isreal and Potomac. You have lots of challanges ahead but nothing that you can’t handle. On the less the wonderful days close your eyes and think of 3 little girls, the Musketeers, exploring and laughing and having fun. If Ms. Cindy Sweet the Lady on the Street could interview me now… What would I say? Hmmm that might be interesting…. Singing, dancing and dreaming… All things Shaun… Playing Clue, a lot! Me begging you to play The Theme from Love Story on the piano, maybe a thousand times. Do you remember how you could identify the great composer by feel! Rachmoninoff, Chopin, Beethoven… Eating at Ichiban for a week straight after the fire, investigating the fire a la Nancy Drew, watching Jeff kicking the soccer on a warm summer evening…
    I could go on forever. You, Jordan and your entire family will remain in my thoughts as will the laughter and fun we shared.
    Laugh, love and continue to embrace life as you clearly have done for so long.
    Take care, breathe deep, and beat this thing.

  17. E Jaffe says:

    Love, prayers, and more hugs to all of you from Miriam’s mom.

  18. Ken says:

    So many happy memories indeed – I’ll never forget our spring break, you guys were awesome and I had so much fun with you. I still tell Jenn about Ichiban and the massive amounts of sushi we consumed there on the weekends. Still can’t believe we were able to stuff so much raw fish into us. But there will be more stories, Yarden and Stella, more stories to be written. Much love and many prayers for a refuah shleimah coming your way.
    If Lance Armstrong can beat it, so can you, Stella.

  19. Sharon Baratt says:

    Dearest Stella,

    Much love to all of you. We are both davening for you and your family to get through this challenge, that the chemo will work, and that Hashem will guide the physicians, technicians, and nurses in their work with you to produce a positive result. We have also spread the request for davening & tehillim on your behalf to our friends in Brooklyn; they, in turn, are requesting the same from their circle of friends & family, and so on, and so on.

    Keep smiling your wonderful and contagious smile, Stella. Embrace each moment with simcha – I have just begun reading a wonderful book, “Simcha It’s Not Just Happiness” by Rabbi Twerski which describes the many meanings and experiences of simcha. (It’s available on Judaism.com.)

    I whole heartedly agree with the last sentence of the previous post by Ken – if Lance Armstrong can beat it, so can you, Stella.

  20. Eileen Bluestein says:

    Stella, Yarden –

    Keep strong, think positive thoughts. All of us here in Potomac are pulling for you and praying. Love, Eileen

  21. Kelly Hartog says:

    Dearest Yarden and Stella,
    I just heard the news from Miles and Miriam. My heart goes out to you and your children. I cannot believe it was just a few months ago you were hosting me in your home. Know that I am thinking of you and praying for you all.