Sing a Song for Stella

Posted on July 1st, 2011

My Friends,

I promise to be honest with you and share with you what we are going through. It is very helpful to us both to know that we are not alone. Far from it, there are people all over the world who are praying for Stella and rooting for us. So I promise that we will keep you all informed about what is going on.

Just not now.

Instead, please do me two favors.

Don’t worry. They are easy ones.

No, I’m not going to ask you to run a marathon for Stella.

Just two little things.

First, I’m sorry but please do not ask us any questions right now. Just post good thoughts in the comments section.

Remember, we’re trying to get G-d’s attention down here.

Second, click on the following link. It’s a song in Hebrew. If you know the words, great. Sing along. If you don’t, read the English and bop your head around to it.

Don’t be embarrassed. I can’t sing it all in Hebrew either.

And when you are listening, think of Stella and how she can make everyone happy.

Smile for us and maybe the goodwill and love generated around the world will be what it takes.

Hint: It helps if you are holding the hand of someone you love when you sing it.

That’s it for now.

We’ll keep in touch.



As the heart opens up, it embraces the world, and with a great big shout to sing for love.

Everything’s possible, it is not too late, the dawn has risen already (it’s) time for love.

Together, heart to heart we’ll open, and we’ll see, the light in the sky.

Together, heart to heart, we’ll open with hope – for love.


And if we only believe, no mucking around, on the road coming up,

it’s a song for love.



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  1. Ima2seven says:

    I am told that sometimes the challenges in the Jewish world are how Hashem brings us closer to each other, infusing our tefilot with meaning and concern echad l’sheni. I am listening to this song with my tear-filled eyes and tefilah-filled heart davening for a woman I have never met. May you and your wife be given only good news, and the koach to make it through the ordeal of uncertainty and whatever may come in your path.

  2. Josh Sussman says:

    As Jordan said, they can’t do questions but Romi and I can. Feel free to call us on our US numbers if you need/want to talk. We are in the loop and are available. Your support and love mean the world to Jordan and Stella…even if they may not be able to tell you right now.

    201-357-7042 OR 301-861-0901.

  3. Cheri says:

    Sending lots of love and davening for a quick refuah. Shabbat Shalom, C

  4. Lori and Eric says:

    stella and yarden:
    sending positive thoughts and vibes your way. just spoke to sara glasshofer and know they are on their way to visit with you! we are davening to Hashem for a complete refuah shelaimah for stella. thinking of all of you. love from maale adumim… lori and eric and girls.