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Posted on October 31st, 2011

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If you were to tell me six month ago, that my wife would have cancer, that it would not be curable, and that she would need nasty chemo treatments every three weeks, I would be miserable. But you know, everything is relative.

Tonight we celebrated that very news.

Let me explain.

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The reason for my post a few weeks ago asking people to not ask too many questions was that we were seriously concerned that the results of the scan were not going to be good. In fact, statistically, the best that the scan should have showed was that the rate of growth of the cancer had slowed. Not really the best news you can hear.

So last night, we went to bed both dreading today. We would have the results of the scan plus a full day of chemo. Not exactly a “Yom Kef” if you know what I mean. When we entered the hospital, I felt we were waiting for the jury to pass a verdict, a verdict that was not going to be very nice.

So let me tell you what happened and why we are so happy. Please just keep in mind what I wrote in the begining of this post. We have won a major battle, but the war goes on.

When the Doctor saw me this morning, he came out of the office with both thumbs up. He told me that the scan results were “excellent.” Later, he showed us before and after pictures of Stella’s stomach. The image from a few months ago looked like Stella had swallowed a python. Basically, there was more tumor than stomach.

Today, the scan showed that the python had been replaced by a worm. In the words of the Oncologist, the difference was “dramatic” and that the cancer was “melting away.” When we asked if he had any expectations that the scan would be so good, he said he didn’t expect it at all, but he “dreamt”  it. Stella is responding to the chemo in an amazing fashion that does not go along with the nasty statistics.

(Short break for a virtual high-five.)

So where does that leave us?

Well, it leaves us with a continued schedule of chemotherepy every three weeks. It leaves Stella feeling sick for about half the time. It leaves me with constant worry and I doubt I will get much more sleep.  It leaves us with the knowledge that there is still something in Stella’s stomach that should not be there.

But it also leaves us with a big, shining pile of hope. We firmly believe that anything is possible. If Stella can surprise the Oncologist by shrinking a tumor, than why not prove him wrong all together and find a way to get rid of this thing once and for all?

I still remember when I was in seventh grade watching the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team beat the Soviet Union. As time ran out, the sportscaster yelled “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES???.”

Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!!!

So if you have been praying for Stella — as we know so many people are — the prayers are working. Please keep it up.

And even though we may still be in a serious situation, we are whooping it up tonight.

And now, I think I will go out for a training ride with a great big, goofy smile on my face.

(Did you hit “Like” yet?)

Fight Like Hell and Ride Like the Wind.

(Thank you again for everyone who has pledged. It’s gonna be a great ride.)



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  1. Ima2seven says:

    The power of tefila, particularly for a tzadeket. What a mitzva she is doing by giving the rest of us an opportunity to elevate our tefilot. Amazing. Just amazing.

  2. Lavis says:

    do we have to like on facebook or can we do it here too????

  3. rutimizrachi says:

    I have not had a really good cry over this since it began. Lump in the throat, yeah. Of course — you write well, Yarden. Who could read what you write without feeling very strong emotions? But when I read this post, I disintegrated into my first flood of Please G-d Save Stella tears. Because small miracles give us hope for bigger miracles.

    Virtual high-five, guys. Mishpachat Mizrachi is still davening — with even greater kavanah!

  4. Bill Landau says:

    Ruti – I’m with you. By the time I got to the Virtual High Five, I couldn’t, because I couldn’t see through the tears.

    A few days ago I started to work my way through Tehillim in the merit of a refuah shleimah for Sarah Ruth bat Sarah Imeinu. Shortly before reading your post on Facebook, I had realized I should include Tzuriah Kochevet bat Sarah Imeinu as well, and read another couple of Tehillim. And I’ll keep going.

  5. Shimona says:

    I’m crying (and giving high fives to everyone in sight)! Thank you for sharing the news so quickly- We will continue to pray for her complete recovery!!!

  6. brian says:

    I am surprised at nothing where Stella is involved.

    The power of global prayer never ceases toi amaze me.

    Keep the good news coming.

  7. Rebecca says:


  8. Someone asked about sending checks for the ride. So here is the address:

    Checks should be made payable to:
    The Gush Etzion Foundation, USA
    POB 1030z+
    Manchester NH 03105
    Checks Should Be Noted as for ‘Cancer Fund–Bike Ride’

  9. elana miller says:

    Stella and Jordan, I am so pleased to hear the fantastic news. I have heard of many such miracles. If anyone deserves one, you do !

    All my love, elana

  10. Steve Frankl says:

    Hey Cousin
    Baruch Hashem !!! This is great news 🙂 I know we don’t communicate as much as either would like to you guys have been in our thoughts and prayers. I am glad that this piece of great news is in and that we all miss you and have been constantly thinking of you and yours and keeping up on here and facebook.


  11. Sarah says:

    I don’t do Facebook, but I “LIKE” this news very much!!

  12. dassi says:

    Not only do we “like” this, we LOVE it! We are rooting for you like always.
    Love from the Jacobsons

  13. elana says:

    I am so happy to read what you wrote. I can’t describe the hope i felt just reading the heading. May this be the begining of many joyful announcements

  14. Ruthie says:

    wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! we continue our prayers and miztvot. thank you Stella for giving us these opportunities to pray and do mitzvot for your complete healing.

  15. Yael Bleiberg says:

    Guys, I was thinking about you all day today, as i knew today was a treatment day. I wanted to email, sending you my prayers, but you just beat me to it!! What a beautiful way to (almost) end the day (still have a few more waking hours….) We are with you all the way!!


  16. geula says:

    I am so thankful to Hashem. May we continue to see great miracles and Stella’s full and complete refuah.

  17. Carla Friedman says:

    So happy, so thrilled and so excited about this news. We are all still praying for you in Toms River. Hugs, love and lots of laughter with all of your beautiful family. Love, Carla

  18. Jill Smudski says:

    Baruch Hashem! Even though it’s just a battle, we’ll take it! And we’ll keep on davening, with hope and joy!

  19. Rev. Rock says:

    To God Almighty we give thanks, praise, and the glory for this awesome news. God loves the Frankl family so all of you rest peacifully in His arms tonight and sleep with the confidence that He is watching over you and everything is going to be okay. God is so gracious to those who obey Him and follow His Commandments. We will faithfully continue our prayers until the battle has been won completely.

    Rev. Rocky & Carol & Cameron……………..

  20. rachel says:

    pythons are scary at the best of times, worms are icky- but stella and yarden and family if anyone can melt a worm its you guys… there is so much love going around right now. real emotions and honest caring wishes for a refuah sheleima.. i believe in miracles. go for it… send in the commandos. Baruch Hashem. lets keep those tefillot coming focused and strong.

  21. Iris says:

    great news! Way to go Stella!

  22. michele says:

    Way to go Stella!!! We are parying for you here in Potomac

  23. Marcy says:

    Wow, what a nice bit of news! We continue to pray and pray, but in the meantime…can Stella come back to riding with us some time soon??!!!???

  24. aliza says:

    I just read this amazing post and i am crying as i write. May the good news continue to flow and may Hashem continue to surprise you! all of our prayers and hopes are with you always.

  25. Joshua Frankl says:


  26. zztop says:

    A huge shout out MUST go to the doctors! Refuah shleima u’mehira!

  27. Samara says:

    This is exactly what we were praying to hear today! What incredibly amazing news. We’re just thrilled. Thank you Hashem and way to go Stella!

  28. Linda says:

    Hashem Gadol – wow, didn’t realize how powerful chicken soup was…
    Stella and Yarden, thanks for giving us all so much koach – now we’re sending it back atcha!!! xoxo

  29. libby anfinsen says:

    Dear Stella and Jordan……you made my day with the good news that the
    python was gone just leaving a rotten worm…..may this also evaporate as
    you continue your attack by doing as perscribed by your medical team,….
    hopefully the big battle was successful, now the smaller skirmishes are left
    to be contended with……Why don’t you start writing your book about
    your challenges (and there have been many) from the onset of your meeting through all the trials and tribulations of your wonderful life with and
    without cancer. (I’ll buy the 1st book….) PS Jordan, I sent my check to the Gush address in NH with instruction to give the funds directly to you.Libby A

  30. A says:

    It is wonderful to hear this update! We should only continue to hear good news and your wife should have a complete refuah!
    Good luck with the bike ride, it was really a great idea!

  31. Rebekah says:

    I am so happy to hear this.

  32. Debra P says:

    Baruch Hashem. May the good news continue as we all continue to keep you in our prayers.

  33. Larry Shor says:

    So glad to hear the wonderful news. Keep fighting and we’ll keep davvening. May this be the harbinger of wonderful things to come for you, Stella and your family. Like they say in Yiddish when one hears such good news, “Es zoll zein in a giteh un a mazeldikeh shu!” May it be in a good and fortunate hour!! Refuah Shelaimah and much love from the Shor family!!

  34. Sharon says:

    Dear Stella & Yarden,

    MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are sooooo happy for you guys!!!! Keep it up!!! Keep those chemo commandos doing their best to get rid of the worm!!!

    Love, Sharon & Jackie

  35. Nancy Kohn says:

    I’m crying tears of joy for Stella, you and all your loved ones. I thank G-d for your news. It’s wonderful and I will continue to pray for a full recovery. G-d bless you! Much love from the USA Kohn family!

  36. Emily says:

    I know all too well the dread of waiting for those results, and thank gd, I know the feeling of pure joy when those results are fabulous. Congrats on a great scan – may the good keep up the great work!!!

  37. Lindsey says:

    You guys are amazing.
    Stella, your light shines through each of Yarden’s entries.
    Reading this is just a wonderful way to start the day.
    Keep ’em coming.

  38. Shoshana & Yisroel says:

    LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, what a great way to start the day! We’ll continue davening and rooting for you!

  39. nava says:

    Boruch Hashem Yom Yom! Thanks for the wonderful news. We will keep on davening for you. You da best!

  40. Avigail says:

    I have heard of you and your wife from Harvey whom I work with and have been davening for her every morning on my way in from Beitar.
    May she have a speeding recovery from the One who designs stomachs to begin with. ( and everything else for that matter!!) She is in good hands!!!

  41. Tony & Rochelle says:

    Delighted to hear the great news. Baruch Hashem.
    Will keep davening for a complete refuah shleimah.
    Wishing you both strength and hatzlacha as you continue on your journeys.

  42. Ruth says:

    a thousand million gazillion Baruch HaShems! may the news just get better and better and better and better and better and better!!

  43. Batsheva says:

    Mazal tov! I know you only through my tefillot (the name “Gd is my rockstar” kinda sticks around) and Ruthie’s blog. May Hashem give you years and years of life with magnificent health and the amazing love of your family.

  44. Henya says:

    What a wonderful news! May Stella see full health soon! I am going to print out this blog post and translate it into Russian for my ulpan classmates. One of the students has a similar condition. She will be operated on tomorrow. She is a very young lady and all of us were pretty gloomy today. The prospects she was given were not good.
    She and her husband will be away for some days, but I think we can get this to them and others in my class would love to read this too.

  45. Leorah Addi says:

    Wow! What wonderful news you have made my day, my week! This is also what I have dreamt of. May the good news continue.

  46. Benno says:

    balev mitronen shir halel lamaqom
    hatiqva itkhem kol yom

  47. faith/emuna says:

    baruch hashem. rav benny must be praying for you in heaven. may
    Tzuriya Kochevet Bat Sarah have a speedy and full recovery.

  48. Moshe Feldman says:

    Yarden, thanks for sharing this ray of hope. Even guys can cry!

  49. Tova says:

    Wow! Like! Like Lots! Love IT
    Hodu l’HAshem ki tov ki leolam chasdo!
    Tova & Yitzchak

  50. Moishe Lewack says:

    Yarden & Stella:

    This is wonderful news, and like Ruth above said, a thousand million gazillion Baruch HaShems! Keep strong, you’re always in Pam and my thoughts. We shall keep davening for a complete recovery.

    Layla Tov from Maryland!

  51. stella schindler says:

    Dear Yarden,
    November 2 @ 6:34AM
    Joe passed this on to members of the Board. I thank him for that because it reminded me how wonderful life can be even in the face of such adversity. Stella and I share a name, but she is the true star. How wonderful to have such love and support and courage. I wish you both only good news going forward.
    Stella Schindler
    Greenwich Village, NY

  52. Thank you Stella,

    I do remember our “Field Trip” to Sderot during the war.

    Well, now Stella (mine) and I are fighting our own war. If Israel — with all her enemies — can survive and thrive, then so can we.

    Thank you,


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