Letter from Mom

Posted on January 9th, 2012

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I didn’t feel any need to write an update today, since no words can match the picture below. But then my Mom (who had come with my Dad to help out) asked that I send her letter out to “Stella’s Army.”


Dear Stella’s Army:

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On our flight and since getting home, I keep thinking about what you are doing for my family. To me, you are the meaning of true religion. Your support, kindness, and help to Stella and Yarden, my wonderful grandchildren and to Jerry and myself is beyond what ever the ancient sages could have imagined.

You are truly the interpretation of the Talmud as it should be. I have sat through many a college and graduate course in religion and philosophy and have never really understood what religion is all about until I saw you and your deeds.

The Rabbi who came to talk with Stella right before she left for her most challenging experience (if you don’t count being married to Yarden [HA! -Ed.]), the Rabbi who called from Maryland right after the operation, the unbelievable people who are staying with Stella so she should never be alone in the hospital, the people who kept bringing food so I shouldn’t have to cook, the super people who took me to get the things the children needed, and the ones who kept my husband company while I was gone, the children’s friends who came to keep my grandchildren company so they could get their minds away from what their mother was enduring, the countless other people who kept volunteering anything they could to make the time more palatable – you are truly the reason we have been put on this earth.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I understand your support of Stella – she is one of the most amazingly good people I know.

But your support of Yarden is above and beyond – we all know he is slightly mezhuganah (don’t forget I have known him from birth), so as his mother, I truly thank you.

With much love and gratitude for your unending kindness,

Anthea Frankl



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  1. rutimizrachi says:

    Since it’s a mitzvah, I didn’t even ask your permission. Reposted at Ki Yachol Nuchal! Thanks, Mom. <3

  2. Brian says:

    I have never laughed so hard and cried so hard at a letter before. My life is richer for having Yarden, Stella and their family, and you and Jerry in my life.
    Brian, Soldier and jester in Stella’s Army

  3. Iris says:

    Stella-What a beautiful face-even prettier than the foot!
    Anthea- now we know where Yarden got his writing skills.

  4. Lauren Lieberman says:

    What a relief it is to see Stella’s beautiful smile and eyes shining. She has always been the calmest, kindest, warmest, most generous person I know. Now I must add that she is the strongest person too. Thank you Yarden for keeping us on this journey and letting be on this rollercoaster with you. We love Stella so much – there’s no place else we’d rather be. I’m going to run hard for you and Stella this week. Love, Lauren

  5. Phyllis and Harold says:

    What a beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing those thoughts. Stella, we hope each day your smiles are coming more easily.

  6. Michelle Swartz says:

    I love your smile, but I miss the foot!
    Michelle Swartz

  7. libby anfinsen says:

    Dear Anthea, proud mother of Yarden…..Now I know where Yarden gets his
    prolific writings from…..you did good in raising such a fine Neshama and he in
    turn found our wonderful Stella, and together raised their beautiful kids….what
    comes around, goes around, and thus a new generation is born…..and your pride in being the matriach is well deserved……May you have only nachas from these unusual religious folk who have g-d on their side!!.Libby Anfinsen

  8. Sue Sussman says:

    Dear Anthea,
    It has been our pleasure to know Stella and Jordan for the last 13 years. She’s an amazing woman and I was sad thinking I wouldn’t see her again when my son’s family made aliyah to Israel. I was thrilled to know they moved to Neve Daniel just 1 year later. Not only could Josh and Romi continue their beautiful friendship, but we would be able to see them when we visited Neve Daniel. I know they appreciate all your help and thank you for your beautiful letter.

  9. Cina says:

    Stella, you are really looking great KN.
    May your health continue to improve and your strength grow.
    May your return home soon!!
    We want you back in ND.

  10. Bernice Cohen says:

    I get more and more inspired and touched with each new blog/update. Stella – as someone else said, may your beautiful smile keep getting easier every day and may Hashem help you to return home soon! Always thinking of you in our hearts and prayers!