Night Run

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But as helpful as this was for me, what really kept me sane was running, especially with my Bet Shemesh Running Club. Now I’m not saying that everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation needs to start doing crazy runs. Everyone is different and not every approach will be helpful for everyone.

But it worked for me. Buy QuarkXPress 8 64 bit software Just not all the time.

I remember one night in particular where I was so stressed out that I ran as hard as I could until I could hardly breath. The resulting physical collapse mixed with an emotional collapse which left me in a puddle or tears and sweat on the road.

But, the guys picked me up and stuck me back together again so I could go home and resume the “Strong Man” facade. So maybe it did work.

But that was not a normal moment. Most of the time, runs with the club were a huge release from the stress and worry of caring for someone who is both very sick and very loved. In a serious run, you get to take a break from your situation and just feel the power of letting your body do what it is capable of without interference from the mind. I came to relish the Friday morning runs and bike rides like never before. It’s not like I ever stopped thinking of Stella — no, not for a second. BUT, on a run it didn’t consume me as the worry did at other times. After a serious, serious run, I could return to being a husband, father, and friend with my “batteries” recharged for another week.

And it was also key that I ran with a group. Atlas van lines denver No one should ever have to run through life alone. I remember meeting someone in chemo one time. We started talking, but when I asked her name, she declined to give it because she didn’t want anyone to know she had cancer. Of course I respected her decision, but I do feel that it is not the best course to try and fight cancer by yourself. We raised a whole army — and knowing this army was just a blog post away was enormously comforting because we never felt that we were alone.

Thousands of people helped us when we needed it, and we now find ourselves in turn trying to give strength to others who are fighting this monster.

Which is what we hope to do now, or rather in November. We have a very special message for all those (far too many) battling for their lives against this dreadful disease: Purchase Intuit Quicken 2010 Home & Business 64 bit YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Beyond the actual tangible part of the “event,” (which will indeed directly support those with cancer,) an important component will be to do something Discount Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit oem so crazy, so huge, so insane — that we will spread awareness of a special message:

Discount Omni Group OmniGraphSketcher mac 64 bit oem If you or someone you love has cancer, you don’t have to run alone.

So there are a few more details, and I promise in just a few weeks to let you all in on the plan.

Until then, keep on running.




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  1. Sharon Baratt says:

    Dearest Stella & Yarden,

    Thank you so much for putting into words what all of us are feeling.

    It IS very hard for those of us battling cancer and the family members who are supporting us every day. Some days, we do feel alone…life goes on around us while we are stuck in this lonely place…or so we think. It is the support we get from friends like the two of you that helps us get through each day. My mantra since my journey began is “If Stella can do it, so can I.” When I remember Yarden’s descriptions of what Stella is/was going through, her strength gives me the strength to endure my treatments.

    Thank you again so much for putting into words that which we are feeling.

    Love, me