My Wife Has Cancer — And I’m Going for a Bike Ride

Posted on October 12th, 2012

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We moved to Israel seven years ago to “live the dream” of a better life for ourselves and our children. And for six years, with fulfilling jobs and a wonderful community, our lives did indeed feel dreamlike.

And then the dream went dark.

It all started when the Doctor said: “It’s definitely cancer.”

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My wife Stella was diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer last year. In fifteen months, we have faced chemo, operations, and more unpleasantness than I could ever have imagined. Yet Stella has never stopped smiling.

From her childhood in Ithaca,  New York to our college days at Colgate University to our first real community in Potomac, Maryland to our current home in Neve Daniel, Israel, Stella has touched the lives of thousands of people.

If you look up kindness in the dictionary, you will see Stella’s picture. If you look up modesty, there she is again. And if you look up compassion — once again it’s Stella. Just ask anyone who knows her and they will tell you that she is simply amazing. I basically won the lottery to have such a wife.

And so many of these people are now desperate to try and help Stella as she struggles with what feels like a non-stop fight against a deadly disease. People are demanding to “do something” to try and help. And of all those people, I am at the top of the list of those who just need to do something to try and help her.

Stella doesn’t like making trouble. She doesn’t speak badly of anyone. The only one she has an issue with is the Waze lady. (Sorry but Ms. Waze IS a better navigator.) She is always willing to back off to preserve peace. She offers an amazing smile to everyone she meets.

But that’s not me. Not even close.

I get mad. I get pissed off. Someone zings me, despite the best efforts of my Rav, I want to zing them back. And nothing has pissed me off more than the cancer that is attacking my wife.

So what can I do? If I could cure cancer, I would. But I don’t have enough time to go to medical school and spend decades in a lab trying to create a new drug.

I ride a bike. That’s what I do.

So now, I am going to ride a bike to raise money for Stella’s care and all the other cancer patients at Shaare Zedek. I have picked the most audacious route I can think of so I can hopefully raise the most amount of money to help.

The route is in blue

Around midnight on November 9, I will climb on my bike at Mount Hermon and then ride home. It’s 260KM and goes from the highest point in Israel to the lowest point in the world and then back up to the second highest spot in Israel. If you want to do something to help Stella, please consider clicking on this link to make a donation.

Besides the practical issue that the hospital will have more resources, there is a philosophical idea. In Judaism, it is believed that people giving to charity can reverse a terrible situation. And I’m no expert, but I doubt very much that this concept is unique to Judaism.

Even if everyone just gives a small amount, thousands of people giving in Stella’s name has to count for something, right?

I welcome all donations, no matter the size. Because I know that every single donation, every cent and every shekel, is someone reaching out to help Stella.

And we need all the help we can get right now.

So make a donation and please say a prayer for Stella. Doesn’t matter what language or what faith you are.

I need to move the Earth through prayers and charity from around the world.


And if I can do that, then riding 260 kilometers will be a piece of cake.

Thank you.

Yarden Frankl, Neve Daniel



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  1. Pam Machefsky says:

    Wishing Stella the refuah she is so very worthy of! You’re a devoted husband–keep those wheels spinning for Stella!

  2. Zelda Burkey says:

    Kol hakavod,I just lost my husband to stomach cancer and he was amaazing. He kept giving hope and strength to others even when we were losing the fight. Every night we woild sit down and count our blessings and the all the wonderful things we had to be thankful for.Chazak Vamatz. He was also at Shaarei Tzedek. The staff there is amazing.I I willdaven for your wife and your family.Stay strong.

  3. rhonacorinne says:

    refuah shleimah to Stella …. also these links might help: and

  4. Nathan Cherny says:

    I am one of the team of doctors at Shaare Zedek.. I think that this is brilliant. Good luck and G-d’s speed to both of you.


  5. Ruth Shlossman says:

    I love how you speak of Stella. Your devotion to her is glorious and please HaShem answer your and our prayers!!!

  6. Ray Otamias says:

    1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see. 6 Now without faith it is impossible to please him, for the one who approaches God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. (heb.11:1,6)

  7. Anne says:

    Refoua Shlema and besorot tovot!
    This is a great initiative, have a safe ride!

  8. rickismom says:

    can you give an address to send a check?

  9. Shaare Zedek Medical Center
    Department of Resource Development and Public Affairs
    P.O. Box 3235
    Jerusalem 91031

    Please note “Yarden’s Ride” on check
    Thank you

  10. Ros Hadfield says:

    Unknown to me, but in my prayers.
    Safest journey,Baruch Hashem.

  11. Yehudit Elias says:

    Refuah Shleima to Stella. May Hashem answer all our prayers. My husband is also fighting cancer right now. We live in Efrat. Please let me know what I can do to physically help. Yehudit

  12. Kiwi Noa says:

    Hi Yarden, I got to “know” of your lovely lady via Ruti in Neve Daniel, who is a lovely blog sister. The prayers are being said for Stella at “the ends of the earth” where I live. I’ll also be donating. May Hashem keep you safe and your knees in good working order, and may you have lots of laughs with D B, who is also a blog friend.

  13. Dror Ben-Ami says:

    Dear Yarden, Although I wish your wife ‘hachlama melea’. Good luck with the ride. Best, Dror

  14. Joan Saarie says:

    Yarden, Stella, It’s amazing what God can do through us. He has blessed you with strength,conviction and most of all “Love”. May your ride be a good and safe ride. Our prayers are with you always. Chiyeko is my work out partner and from what I’ve come to know about her, Stella and Chiyeko are a lot alike. Wonderful. May the peace of God be with with you and your family…..Joan & Bill

  15. Mohammad says:

    You are living on land stolen from others. Karma sucks when your wife’s very being turns against her and punishes you both for your theft.

  16. Linda says:

    Dear Mohammad, Hatred will get you everywhere. Ridiculous to reply to you, but the place where Yarden, Stella and I live was purchased by the Cohen family in the 1920’s. We have the sale contract. Do you have one of those?
    G-d bless all the people who have poured love on this extraordinary family.

  17. Fern Chasida says:

    Wishing Stella a refuah shlema and wishing your entire family strength in battling this disease.

  18. Simcha Chesner says:

    None of us control the cards we are dealt, but only our reactions and responses. Yourresponse is holy. Thank you for sharing with us a glimpse of God in human behavior.