VIDEO: Eulogy for Stella, a”h – Yarden & Max

Posted on November 15th, 2013


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  1. minka says:

    may she rest in total peace. may yarden, max, miriam, rivka, yedidya have the strength to heal and be comforted among the mourners of tzion and yerushalim. there are no words to express the sorrow we all feel.

  2. minka says:

    thanks for posting and sharing this with us. it helps us heal to see and hear this.
    i know that this family will not only survive but will flourish because of all that stella established with them. yarden’s words and max’s words are so beautiful. they will for sure be able to rise and be the best because of the wonderful person stella was. same for miriam, rivka and yedidya. they were all blessed to be part of stellas family and loved ones.

  3. Batya Graveley says:

    Stella was always wonderful and giving to me. She was a continual inspiration to me when I converted. She was the embodiment of loving kindness and chesed.

    She was very loved.
    Batya Graveley