Posted on July 8th, 2014

Fear is a natural instinct. It can be entirely justified.

Or it can be irrational.

And whether it is warranted or not, it is incredibly destructive.

Why do we use the term “terrorist” to describe those who kill innocent people for some crazed political agenda? Why not “political killers” or  “Agenda-driven murderers?”

Because their actions may only physically effect a few, but emotionaly they can impact millions. Their goal is quite simply, to terrify. And when we allow ourselves to be terrified, we become the unwitting agents of the terrorists, teaching our children to be afraid.

Yes, Israel was subject to rocket attacks.

And as usual, they were horribly ineffective and failed to cause actual damage and injuries on a wide-scale.

And what if they had? Come on, really bad things do happen. It’s part of life and most of us cannot control it.

If I were Prime Minister or the Chief of Staff of the IDF, maybe I could make a difference. Maybe I could control the situation.


But I’m not. So my choice is either to run around in terror and traumatize my children, or simply to continue living, praying, and worrying more about what to make for dinner rather than whether there will be another rocket attack somewhere in Israel.

Might sound cold, but I think it is a better message to give our children.

If you need to lose it, and that might be the case, perhaps you should do so when the kids are not around.

If they are afraid let them talk it out. They may need to express their fears.

But don’t encourage fear that may not exist in them.

Show them fear and they will be afraid. But show them strength, and they will be strong. At least where I live in Gush Etzion, there is no need to cower in a bomb shelter while furiously Facebooking one’s panic.

Over the past 3 years, I had to lose it many times. And I was dealing with a much bigger threat to my family than any unguided chunk of metal thrown into the sky. But to do so in front of the kids would have made their hard lives even harder. So I would wait (when I could) for a time I was alone to lose it.

And then I would find it. And go back to my kids and try to teach them that I would be there for them.

Ultimately, fear in our case was justified. But had we completely given in to it, we would have lost even more.

Don’t let these jackasses in Gaza win. We are the nation of Israel and we will not give in to terror.


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  1. Paul Goldstein says:

    It is very easy for me in Potomac, MD, to not fear for the safety of my family and friends here. But you, my friend, I do worry about. I do what I can do: I pray for the country of Israel, for the people of Israel. We’re starting to plan our next trip to Israel because I heed your admonition concerning the jackasses in Gaza. And I post snarky comments on Facebook.