Posted on May 28th, 2015

newsgillyrivkaThis is not a post about Stella.

This is not a post about me.

It is not about running, or biking, or even all-night hikes.

It’s about my daughter Rivka and my wife Gilly — doing something really, really neat and important.

Oh yeah. It’s also about swimming.

First let me tell everyone about Rivka, since I have not blogged in awhile. Rivka has done extremely well and is about to complete her first year of school on the Golan. She has continued dancing, prancing, and everything else that makes her Rivka.

But sometimes she even surprises me.

A few weeks ago, Gilly called me while I was driving to work. She read a Facebook Post that Rivka wrote on Mother’s Day. I literally had to pull over when I heard it. Here (with her permission) is what she wrote:

Don’t feel bad for me on mothers day. Be jealous. I had the most incredible mom in the world, I have numerous mothers that help take care of me and raise me, AND now I have the greatest stepmother you could ever ask for. So its safe to say that I’m very much blessed in the mother department. Happy Mothers day to ALL my mothers  I love you all 

— feeling blessed.

I’ll pause and let you collect yourself.

And when you are ready, we can talk about the swim.



Stella wrote a letter to all the children before she passed away. She encouraged them to always give back to the community as she had done all her life. And now this is what Rivka is doing.

Here again, is Rivka:

My name is Rivka Frankl and I’m 15 years old. I live in Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion. I plan on swimming across the Kinneret (Israel’s largest sea) to raise money for the Sadna Special Needs program with my stepmother, Gilly. My father and Gilly got married this past January. I am looking forward to use the swim as a bonding experience while helping a great cause with my new mother. It would be a great help if you would donate to my stepmother (Gilly Asaraf) and I. Thanks so much and hope to see you there !!

I know. Pretty soon I can just give the keys to the blog to her, right?

By the way, Gilly was a champion swimmer in her younger days back in Australia. She has swum far more kilometers than I have run. (Proud husband brag.)

The bottom line is that Rivka and Gilly will be swimming together and need your help to raise the donations. You can make a donation outside of Israel by clicking on this link and writing in either “Rivka Frankl” or “Gilly Frankl” under “name of swimmer.” In Israel, you can click on this link and make a shekel donation after first selecting either Rivka or Gilly. You can also donate by check (instructions here) or drop off cash at our house.

Please consider making a donation to this cause. Every little bit helps.



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