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Obama, Helen Reddy, and a Teenage Sucker

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Who I thought I was getting

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President Obama has offered Prime Minister Netanyahu a real sweetheart deal. Apparently, we get all sorts of great stuff if we just agree to stop building homes out here for another three months.

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I haven’t felt this excited since I signed up for the Columbia House “Music for a Penny” deal when I was a long haired, spiked wristband wearing, dressed-all-in-black teenager.

I remember getting this incredible offer that if I signed up right away, I could get ten cassette  tapes (an ancient way people used to store music) for just a penny each! Each tape would be delivered straight to my door. What a great deal! I signed up and couldn’t wait to bolster my already impressive collection of AC/DC, Led Zepplin, and other hard rock greats.

Who I got

Instead, I ended up with the complete works of Helen Reddy and the Captain and Tennille. These tapes didn’t cost me just a penny either.

See my problem was I just read the words that were printed on the mailer in big red letters. I forgot to read the small letters written in black on the bottom of the letter. I wouldn’t really get “Back in Black” for a penny until I had paid full price for a whole library of music not fit for an elevator. (My apologies to any Reddy fans. No, on second thought there is no excuse for that.)

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