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Please Have Your Passport, Boarding Card, and Breasts Ready for Inspection

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

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Every day, the news of America’s ridiculous anti-terrorism policies get worse. First, was the famous “Don’t touch my junk,” incident where a male passenger was threatened by TSA agents for refusing to let them fondle him. Read his story here.


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Next is the video making the rounds of the little boy without a shirt being “patted down” and how the guy who recorded the pathetic scene was then followed by TSA agents more worried about being caught on film harassing a little boy than keeping real terrorists off the plane. Not to be outdone, here are more brave TSA agents interrogating a three year old.

Now, there is the story of a breast cancer survivor who was told by the TSA to lift up her shirt so agents could check out her prosthetic breast.  I wrote a post last year that one day we would all have to strip before getting on an airplane. I meant it as a joke. I’m not sure it’s so funny anymore.

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