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Running, Biking, Coping: My Triathlon

Friday, August 19th, 2011

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First of all, Stella is feeling much better. The way it works is like this. Every third Monday she has chemo at the hospital. This makes her “uncomfortable” for about a week. (Note: For those who don’t speak Stella, “uncomfortable” means a state far beyond what any of us could deal with. It’s a bit like when I say the hill we are starting to bike up is “not bad.” Yes, to know the Frankls is to know several unique languages.)

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After a week, there is about five days when she is “not 100%.” (Translation: She feels awful.) But then, she gets a bit over a week in which she feels really good. She walks the dog at dawn, cooks, works, and does almost everything she used to do before we were told “the news.”

So right now, in answer to all the questions, she is feeling good and trying to absorb some calories by eating melted Ben and Jerry’s. (Try finding that one in any of the “anti-cancer diet” books.)

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Looking Forward to Chemo

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Is it Tuesday?

I think it is. No, I know it is.

But only because I checked.

But sometimes, I feel that time no longer has the same boundaries as it used to.

When did this whole nightmare start? Just a week ago? Maybe a few more days, maybe a few less.

The test from yesterday was “good.”

So now we need to go to Tel Aviv for another test.

And then after that, another.

What an odd concept that we are actually eager to get to chemo.

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Cycle of Nonviolence

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

My regular evening ride takes me past the Arab village of Jaaba. From Jaaba back to the Gush, the road is long and steep. There is no shade and when it’s hot out, it feels like the hill will never end. I ride the route partly because of the beautiful views as you climb along, but mostly because it is a great workout.

Sometimes I try and race against the big trucks which look like they will never make it up the hill. There is not that much traffic on the road, but what there is contains a mixture of Arab and Jew, cars, trucks, and donkeys. Sometimes I feel a little nervous when I am close to Jaaba, but not enough to make me change my route. I just try and pick up the speed when I get too close.

So last night, as I made the turn at Jaaba, an Arab kid on a bike came racing up to me and passed by. I had been riding at a casual speed, but I figured what the heck and took off after him. We stayed together until the bottom of the hill. That’s when I figured he would turn around and ride home while I tackled the ascent. He looked over at me and I said in Hebrew that he should ride with me up to Kfar Etzion, 3km away at the top of the hill. He stared back at me blankly so I just pointed. He grinned and took off.

I upped the speed and stayed about ten meters back. I was sure that he would crack since his bike is the kind that you can pick up for free by a dumpster. He was wearing jeans and sandals compared to my Louis Garneu bike shorts and shoes clipped into my pedals. I had a water backpack while he had nothing whatsoever. So I figured, hey — I can take this kid any day.

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No Hill Too Steep

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The crazy thing about the hill was that you could see it from miles away. We had ridden from our campsite in the middle of the Negev and had seen it off in the distance, rising from the desert floor to the sky. At first there we lots of discussion among the riders whether it was possible to get up it while staying on the bikes.

We tried to guess the factors that would determine whether the climb was feasible: The angle of the grade, the condition of the trail surface, the amount of loose rock, etc. As we got closer, everyone stopped talking and began thinking about how much they were willing to suffer to go up without stopping.

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