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Right Wing Lunatics

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

 There may be those who read CTY who have labeled me “right-wing.”

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Afterall, I do not believe that the formation of a Palestinian State that wants to blow up my house would be a good thing. Perhaps I am “right-wing” since I do not believe that throwing people out of legally built houses is such a great idea. Or maybe the reason that I am “on the right” is that I have made it clear that I don’t believe the trading of 10,000 Jewish residents of Gaza was worth the 10,000 rockets that we received in return.

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All this is true, so maybe I am a “right-winger.” But when I read with disgust the actions of the lunatics who also fall under the term, I feel I have to speak up. Let no one think that all of us settlers or right-wingers agree with the extremists who usually speak in our names. Case in point: This Rabbi’s call for settlers to shoot at Israeli solidiers.

If he was a Palestinian, he would already be in jail.

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