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Glen Beck is Not Helping Israel

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

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Recently, a number of Facebook friends (both those I know and those I have never met) have been sharing videos of Glen Beck talking about Israel. These are usually accompanied by many “likes” and comments of “must watch.” I tried watching it and got about halfway through before I moved on. I did not share it, like it, or add a comment with an exclamation point. I simply left Mr. Beck in mid-speech and moved on. Because with all due respect for the Beck groupies, he’s just not helping our cause.

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But before your fingertips fly to your keyboards to express your astonishment that I would be so bold as to dis the might Beck, I want you to know one thing:

I agree with everything Beck says (on Israel).

It’s just the guy who is saying it that’s the problem.

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