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The Ride of Our Lives

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

231 kilometers.

12 hours.

Over 90,000 shekels raised.

Over 1,000 people following on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Countless spirits raised.

What an awesome night.

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Liveblogging the Ride

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Yarden is on the road riding to raise money for families in Gush Etzion who are dealing with illnesses.

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6:05PM – Rav Matanya Ben Shachar, rav of Neve Daniel, spoke briefly to inaugurate the ride. Yarden’s message to Stella was “I’ll let the riding speak for me.” He did one lap, came back to find Stella in the crowd, kissed her, and was off.

Cumulative time
Cumulative kilometers
Cumulative pledges
Last GPS Location


0 hr

6:15PM – Yarden is off and riding.. He’s lapping the main roads in the yishuv with a few dozen kids in tow.

2 ¼ hr

8:27PM – Yarden is leaving Neve Daniel now and heading into the Gush Eztion circuit of Alon Shevut / Rosh Tzurim / Efrat.

3 hr
Efrat Darom

9:15PM – Yarden’s making a second lap into Efrat. The follow car (Josh & Avi) were pulled over by the cops for blocking traffic. They had an ishur (permit).

3 ¾hr
Alon Shevut

9:59PM – Yarden’s heading out of Alon Shevut, listening to AC/DC.

10:12PM – the follow car cracked open the popcorn.

4 ½hr
Gush Etzion Regional Council

10:40PM – We reached the 100km mark. Yarden’s changing his shirt and heading back up to Efrat on his fourth circuit in Gush Etzion.

11:00PM – David Bender ( joined Yarden for the ride. Yarden is riding at a little over 22km/h. He’s wearing a black shirt (and a reflective vest, and has tons of lights on him).

11:16PM Latitude: 31° 39′ 3.58172”, Longitude: 35° 7′ 43.7543”, Speed: 9 m/s, Bearing: 172°, Altitude: 970.4 meters. Also, a course adjustment because Alon Shevut isn’t The City That Never Sleeps… they shut the gate.

5 ¼hr
Efrat Southern Entrance

11:32PM – Yarden’s finishing up his circuits in Gush Etzion. Stay tuned for a live video update:

5 ¾hr

12:00AM – Heading into Yerushalayim. Reached the halfway mark for the ride. Stay tuned for a live video update:

12:12AM – Video technical malfunction. Our crack team of experts is on the case… even though it’s past their bedtime.

12:21AM We are meeting up with the bet shemesh crew [Yarden’s bike club from Beit Shemesh. Ed.]

12:45AM Midnight Madness!! Crazy awake Neve Daniel friends came out to greet Yarden and his biking crew on the road to Jerusalem. It’s a crystal clear night, cool and dry. Speed: 12 m/s
Bearing: 36°

6 ½hr
Tunnel Road

12:55AM – Heading into the tunnels on 60 on the way to Jerusalem.

1:06AM – Just entered Jerusalem …should be at Kotel in 25 minutes or so.

Old City

1:29AM – Latitude: 31° 46′ 26.7244” Longitude: 35° 13′ 59.7021” Speed: 3 m/s Bearing: 70° – In the Old City of Jerusalem.
2:12AM – Latitude: 31° 43′ 50.5409” Longitude: 35° 12′ 19.9625” Speed: 10 m/s Bearing: 199° – heading down Derech Chevron to Kever Rachel.

Tunnel Road

2:17AM – Heading back to the Gush.

Tunnel Road

3:10AM – Back in Efrat.

Final Amount

Give Me a Week

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The whole “day by day” attitude that I have had just isn’t working for me. Days are simply too short and they end too quickly. Focusing on each day means that nights are rotten. I simply can’t sleep and find myself pacing around at all sorts or weird hours. Even the dog is telling me to calm down and get some sleep.

So now, I am officially announcing that we are going to have a great week. That’s right — from right now, we know that this coming week will be a really good one. It will be good and it will be normal. Let’s make it a week and a day so we can throw in next Shabbat as well, o.k?

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Cycle of Nonviolence

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

My regular evening ride takes me past the Arab village of Jaaba. From Jaaba back to the Gush, the road is long and steep. There is no shade and when it’s hot out, it feels like the hill will never end. I ride the route partly because of the beautiful views as you climb along, but mostly because it is a great workout.

Sometimes I try and race against the big trucks which look like they will never make it up the hill. There is not that much traffic on the road, but what there is contains a mixture of Arab and Jew, cars, trucks, and donkeys. Sometimes I feel a little nervous when I am close to Jaaba, but not enough to make me change my route. I just try and pick up the speed when I get too close.

So last night, as I made the turn at Jaaba, an Arab kid on a bike came racing up to me and passed by. I had been riding at a casual speed, but I figured what the heck and took off after him. We stayed together until the bottom of the hill. That’s when I figured he would turn around and ride home while I tackled the ascent. He looked over at me and I said in Hebrew that he should ride with me up to Kfar Etzion, 3km away at the top of the hill. He stared back at me blankly so I just pointed. He grinned and took off.

I upped the speed and stayed about ten meters back. I was sure that he would crack since his bike is the kind that you can pick up for free by a dumpster. He was wearing jeans and sandals compared to my Louis Garneu bike shorts and shoes clipped into my pedals. I had a water backpack while he had nothing whatsoever. So I figured, hey — I can take this kid any day.

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