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Toes, Terror, and Tears

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

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So for the last few days, I have been undecided whether I should run the Jerusalem Marathon. Various things have come up that have made my training almost minimal over the last month. One problem was my toes. Too much running have taken their toll. I have had all sorts of nasty complications. I  had work done on them but since they still didn’t look right, I took a picture today and e-mailed toe shots to my podiatrist and another friend who is a doctor in the Jerusalem area. We had an e-mail discussion and he said that it looked o.k. for me to run. The podiatrist promised to fix them up after the marathon if I damaged them again.

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So while I had not decided whether I would in fact run, I figured I should head over the the convention center and pick up my entry materials — just in case I chose to do it.

Then the bomb went off.

Suddenly, my toe problems seem really dumb.

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